Meet Tracker!

Meet Tracker! Join Nickelodeon S PAW Patrol As They Find Adventure And Make A New Friend Boys And Girls Ages 4 To 6 Will Love This Step 1 Deluxe Step Into Reading Leveled Reader Step 1 Readers Feature Big Type And Easy Words Rhymes And Rhythmic Text Paired With Picture Clues Help Children Decode The Story For Children Who Know The Alphabet And Are Eager To Begin Reading This Nickelodeon Read Along Contains Audio Narration. A very quick story about Neo s favourite PAW Patrol In this short tale, the reader meets Tracker, who helps a boy that has fallen down a pit Fending off snakes and alerting Ryder, Tracker is rewarded with a full PAW Patrol member
So I have so kiddie books because my God daughter and my daughter are both four and they really liked it so yea inplus they love pawpatrolSo thanks to the weather that I was able to go get it because where I live its been raining and I get my God daughter than expected Cute book for children who like the show Paw Patrol A lot of sight words and descriptive pictures to help give clues to the words on each page I think this would be good for grades K 1. She said, it was a very short story Easy reader level one Very simple story Fun images Nice introduction to tracker. Fantastic I wish there were one for each of the pups Baby loves it and we ve read it multiple times. Meet Tracker , so basic it is almost not worth owning Can be read in 30 seconds. Basic Plot Tracker joins the Paw Patrol.This book is one of the super basic, bare bones, ultra beginning reader TV to book adaptations As a result, it lacks pretty much all of the fun things that make the show in any way watchable Kids who are PP lovers will
Like most of the other Paw Patrol books, this one follows one of the TV episodes As we haven t yet seen this episode, it was refreshing to have a story that we didn t already have a foundation for As a bonus, this one also introduces a new pup to the team Tracker As a early step in
Great to read to my three year old son who is in love with Paw Patrol It is a true easy reader as it says Level 1 are usually very short with a simple sentence.