Untrained Fascination (Brace for Humanity Book 1)

Untrained Fascination (Brace for Humanity Book 1) Like Thousands Of Humans, Lianne Works For The Rrassic On A World She Didn T Know Existed A Friend Stuck Her Neck Out During Registration And Hid Lianne S Compatibility With The Rrassic Under The Guise Of An Existing Allergy To Cats An Accident At A Public Event Made Lianne Run Into The Action, And A Few Small Cuts Left Enough Of Her At The Scene To Give The Hunters A Trail To Follow Sorrok Selected Lianne As A Possible Mate Back On Earth, But He Wasn T The One To Collect Her During The Final Extraction, So He Was Sure That Someone Else Would Have Found Their Way Into Her Bed His Delight Meets Feral Possessiveness, And While He Changes Her Life, He Makes Sure That There Is A Place For Him In It. WTF Too many triggers Can t believe Viola Grace wrote this and this is supposed to be a romance Will be staying away from this series for sure Lianne currently lives on a Rrassic colony but not by choice Her alien captors have made it known that while she and the other humans can live and work independently to support themselves, they are still hostages and their individual families on Earth will pay the price for bad behavior and escapes A fluke on Lianne s admission input screening wrongfully identifies an allergy that exempts her as a breeder for the aliens Her assigned work detail as a forklift operator is similar to what she did on Earth and keeps her away from the majority of aliens When an accidental injury requires treatment, her blood work ends up reinstating her breeder status making it open season for those wanting to court Lianne.Tracker Sorrok was one of the few who tagged the humans to be abducted on Earth Not participating in the actual extraction, he lost track of the female he personally wanted as a mate When fate brings them back together Sorrok does everything in his power to convince Lianne he should be her choice With many wanting mates, s
Untrained Fascination is an unusual read.I m not saying it s bad, I m just saying it s not that great.A 2.5 star, that qualifies as BIZARRE I couldn t take it seriously, but neither did I find myself not enjoying it It took time to understand what put me off and also pinpoint the reasons I found the story pleasing, yet not Let s start with the negative stuff The world building is poor The plot is not defined until you re at the point where it s really irrelevant You don t feel like it matters because there is no impact and it will be resolved quickly So who cares The characters have no backgrounds and they don t feel relatable in any way Their actions and the lack of information on their past leaves holes all through the story It s also a little wacky when it comes to the rules and the alien society our heroine lives in It made me feel a little detached Also, I snorted in disbelief most of the time The storyline and characters just don t make sense when you really think of how they met.Is it displeasing A drag No No It s just off Bizarre.The good stuff is mainly the dialogues between HH and the romance It was gradual and very sweet I could not stop fawning over Sorrok I have soft spot for feline aliens or
I liked it overall, but.It was a pretty quick and easy read, but there was no emotional depth For example, the heroine went through the trouble of trying to avoid being a breeder, but when they catch up to her she is not concerned at all Literally she said
Amazing Loved, loved, loved it Great start to a new series. 3 stars.I don t think this series is for me I usually don t mind the voluntary migration in so many of the alien human mate stories But in this case, we have aliens specifically picking off people from Earth as manual labourers or breeders It doesn t matter that they are treated well and given wages and nice living conditions, they are still captives with threats of harming their loved ones over their heads, no matter how our hero sugar coated it So I m going to give t
This is the second book in Grace s new series The first had some uncomfortable moments with questionable consent, but also allowed the heroine to gain agency and power despite her weak position In this book, a number of humans have been taken from Earth and put to work in exchange for the safety and support of their loved ones back home Most are given work, private quarters, pay, and freedom to use the facilities throughout the compound Others are set aside as Breeders they don t work but are expected to find mates among the aliens.The heroine of this book knew the heroine of the previous one Lianne is shell shocked when she finds that she is suitable to be a Breeder, and very relieved when Bella gives her an out and places her in a job she knows and does well After a while, she has excelled in her job, but has little social life Suddenly she comes to notice when she acts to save people from unexpected disaster Lianne finds herself sta
I ll accept that Viola Grace s books are a little kooky There s usually not alot of plot and they always seem to go a certain way but I didn t like this at all I couldn t get past the fact that Lianne and the others were kidnapped and there against their will They all just seem ok with it Because they can work and have money and gyms and cafes If you have a pet bird and train it and feed it and take it to the vet, buy it toys to play with and love it it ll likely still fly out the window if it gets a opportunity A gilded cage is still a cage and I HATED that Lianne just seemed to forget that.I also detested the ending view spoiler She s perfectly
I found this world an interesting one if highly unethical The imbalance of power made for a lot of discomfort but at the same time it felt realistic as to what it might be like if such abductions were to occur A like the different kinds of the races in the aliens I like that the heroine has a working class job she is very good at and is
I really liked this book Its a very short read but it held my interest from the beginning Have never read anything from Viola Grace so was pleasantly surprised Its about a woman , Lianne who , like thousands of humans, works for the Rrassic They invaded earth and take potential breeders along with other peop