Show Me The Money, Honey

Show Me The Money, Honey Salt Sugar Fats.We Spend Trillions On Health Globally, But What Haven T You Been Told Just How Bad Are Our Diets, And Just How Good Are The Natural Products We Reach For A Compelling Investigation Into Bad Foods And Natural Supplements Discover What The Science Really Says NATURAL SUPPLEMENTS DO THEY WORK You Know The Drill We Live Demanding Urban Lives, We Don T See The Sun, We Eat Highly Processed Foods Because We Are Too Busy To Cook From Scratch, And We Know We Are Not As Healthy As We Could Be So We Pop A Pill The Elixir Of Life In An Oil Filled Capsule Or Is It As Bestselling Author And Investigative Journalist Ian Wishart Discovers, Virtually Everything We Know About Health Is Being Turned On Its Head New Medical Studies Are Bringing Salt, Fat And Even Dairy In From The Cold Could The Dominant Health Message Of The Past 50 Years Be Wrong REVIEWS OF EARLIER BOOKS My First Degree Was In Human Biology, And Now As An Associate Professor I Teach Courses On Evidence And Research Methodology I Came To The Book Familiar With Wishart S Science Books I Knew He Would Be Readable, Courteous, Firm, And Well Referenced Wishart Is Well Acquainted Both With The Science And The Politics Of Medicine He Presents The Science So That Non Technical People Can See The Point, And Technical People Can Have Precision And Detail Ivan Lowe, University Of Tunis I Strongly Recommend This Book Dr William Grant, Science Director, Vitamin D Council, San Francisco Another Masterpiece Of Scientific Reasonplease Read This Book Professor David Bellamy, England Covers Cholesterol, Salt, Chocolate, Green Tea, Black Tea, Coffee, Saturated Fats, Polyunsaturated Fats, Omega 6, Omega 3, Manuka Honey, Astaxanthin, Resveratrol, Vitamin C This is a remarkable book Full of expose s about the lies told in both the Media and Governmental Authorities about the additives and foods that we are Forced to buy because Big Pharma holds the control of the food market.I find it both repulsive and disgusting that in North America ANY company should get away with putting toxic ingredients into food intended to be eaten by human beings, especially when the FDA are supposed to be OUR Watchdog but have been compromised and corrupted by financial contributions from large Unethical North American companies.I am 86 yrs old and have stayed healthy by avoiding what these large food companie
There was a fair bit of media discussion about this book and I was sucked into the hype and purchased.The book contains some really relevant, well researched information But man, it s a hard read and mostly because THERE IS NO INDEX I guess that s a cost cutting measure, but for me it s a deal breaker I had several important questions
I wondered at many points what Wishart s own diet is like and how much that has affected his choice of studies I also wondered, quite separately, how much of the information is cherry picked considering how many conflicting studies there are I remain wary of meta studies for some of the reasons that Wishart mentions and have long felt that
This is a must read. Excellent book Thoroughly researched and hugely informative I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in what goes into their mouths. Very informative, everyone should read it if interested in their health Covers salt, sugar fats cholesterol vitamins and heaps Everyone needs to read this Some of it is shocking beyond belief I m off to have a steak and some dark chocolate.