The Beast of Jersey

The Beast of JerseyEdward Paisnel, A Predatory Paedophile Nicknamed The Beast Of Jersey, Who Was Convicted In 1971 For An 11 Year Reign Of Terror Paisnel Believed Himself To Be The Reincarnation Of Gilles De Rais, And Committed His Crimes In The Bizarre Outfit Depicted On The Cover Of This 1972 Biography By His Wife Joan. The Beast Of Jersey tells the story of Edward Ted Paisnel a tyrannical sex offender who brutally assaulted upwards of 10 women and young children, over the course of 11 years I know all of this to be true, because of the forensics, witness statements, and evidence found in his secret room linking him to the victims homes But someone really needs to let Joan Paisnel know This review is slightly biased, I must admit I immediately took a dislike to Joan, Ted s wife and the author of this book, and all of my comments reflect that For a objective take on Ted s crimes, I really recommend listening to My Favourite Murder s retelling one of the hosts, Karen, does it perfectly.Within the first few pages of The Beast, my patience had already ran thin I discovered Joan had a knack for finding all of the reasons that might account for the horrific crimes that occured in Jersey, except for the most obvious her demonic husband She was desperate to excuse him by blaming anything and everything the island itself, with it s rich history of witchcraft and Black Magic, the incessant homosexuality which corrupted Jersey, or the family
Excellently horrific cover, but this book is such a product of its time Joan Paisnel is convinced her husband must have been gay, because he was a pedophile as well as a rapist of adult women This belief that homosexuality is the same as pedophilia runs throughout the whole book and becomes and maddening each time it is brought up.The maniac could not be anything like Ted To start with, he would be a blatant homosexual He would not be the sort of man who could be gen
This is an interesting book about the crimes of Edward Paisnel known as Ted, who was imprisoned for thirty years in 1971 for a string of sex offences on the island of Jersey Those of you who visit my blog regularly will know that this is where I live and of course I d heard of The Beast over the years but I hadn t read this book, written by his wife although it was ghost written by two journalists Alan Shadrake and John Lisners The crimes committed by Ted Paisnel pronounced Paynel spanned eleven years and as his later modus operandi was to sneak into the bedrooms of children and take them outside to assault them the islanders were, as you can imagine terrified with some allegedly going to sleep with guns under their pillows As the island is only 9 miles by 5 it seems incredible to believe that it took the police so long to apprehend their culprit and this book is in many ways an explanation why Joan didn t know or suspect what Ted was up to Of course these crimes were committed throughout the 60s and into the early 70s and life was very different then, crucially in the fact that there was no DNA testing available to the officers and at that time, the dual police system that still operates was run by the Honorary Police who are volunteers from each parish and they are the ones who have to charge a suspect with an offence The idea is that thes
True crime story of a guy who was sentenced for 30yrs for practicing the black arts,molestation murder Picked it up at a market stall thinking it was to be about Jersey history The Channel Islands There was a tv doco made in the 70 s that I remember watching,
An interesting read, partly because of his relationship with his wife Joan who wrote this book I first read this book many years ago after being loaned it by a friend who lived in Jersey A 2015 article in the Jersey Evening news, reports on an investigation into ch
1st, my personal library is organized according to fairly conventional categories easy ways of remembering where I ve put bks Subjects like literature crime But such pre existing categories don t really do the most interesting bks justice E.G I have most or all of Timothy Leary s bks under drugs b c Leary s so heavily associated w LSD but there s to Leary than just his use of drugs He cd just as easily, perhaps appropriately, be categorized under philosophy This bk, The Beast of Jersey , that I m reviewing here is the 1st of the bks I m listing under crime But, of course, crime , like everything else, is in the mind of the beholder In my opinion, all political figures ultra rich people are the main criminals in this world but they re not often enuf categorized in that way conventionally From the perspective of the criminal , their crimes might be something else indeed As for The Beast This bk was written by his wife who claimed that she didn t know what he was doing I d like to know what HE thought he was doing Ok, I read this 20 yrs ago, so I can t vouch for the acc