Gators When A Giant Alligator Begins To Terrorize A Florida Golf Course Two Weeks Before A Major Tournament, A New To The Job Sheriff S Deputy, Travis Morrison, Finds Himself Thrust Into The Middle Of A Power Struggle Between What Is Right And What Is Profitable When The Alligator Attacks Turn Deadly, Those Who Wish The Tournament To Continue Seek To Sweep The Tragic Events Under The Rug, While Deputy Morrison Works To Find The Giant Alligator Responsible For The Attacks With The Help Of Marine Biologist Maggie Fisk And Self Proclaimed Greatest Gator Hunter In All Of Florida, Ely Beauregard Stone, They Band Together To Hunt Down The Massive Beast Before It Can Kill Again. jaws 3.5 stars I can t think of a apropos title, than the iconic one used by Peter Benchley But out of respect for that great bestselling novel, hair raising soundtrack, and Academy Award winning movie I deliberately used small letters First of all this book in no way compares in greatest nor is it about a shark Though I thought it fitting that during this Shark Week when commentators often made reference to or comparison between sharks alligators and in light of the book s cover.that the title is very fitting.I love well made disaster movies and well made dinosaur movies To me an Alligator or Crocodile are the dinosaurs that survived They are every bit as dangerous as their ancestors They continue to reap havoc wherever they live whether it be Australia, Africa, or America This is my first novel featuring Gators, but I have enjoyed some well made suspenseful horror movies with the monster being an Alligator or a Crocodile Anytime a group of unsuspecting people stumble across a huge fearless animal with a wide gaping mouth full of sharp teeth and crushing jaw power, not to mention their stealthy sneak attack nature it is a disaster getting ready to happen.Steve Yeager has penned an entertaining thriller that keeps the read
AverageI really can t say I really enjoyed this book or that I didn t enjoy it For one thing, it was too short It was over about the time it was getting interesting I think it could have been better.