BEASTS OF BRATVA LILLIAN Maksim Made Me The Happiest I D Been In My Life, Until One Harrowing Event Changed Everything, Forcing Me Into The Confines Of His World As The True Nature Of His Lifestyle Finally Hits Home, I Struggle To Deal With The Effects Of My Decisions I Left Everything I Had To Be With Maksim Can I Leave Everything I Have With Maksim To Save Myself MAKSIM As My World Is Falling Down Around Me, The Most Important Thing In My Life Slips Through My Fingers As I Struggle To Accept The Truth About Lillian, I Can T Fight My Overwhelming Urge To Protect Her From All The Damage She S Caused I Ll Do Everything To Save Lillian, Even If She Wants To Destroy Me This Is The Third And Final Part Of A Three Part Series That Must Be Read In Order Full Of Steamy Scenes Meant For The 18 Crowd, This Story Is Perfect For Lovers Of Dark Romance, Erotic Romance, And Romantic Suspense This Series Ends With An HEA Enjoy Beasts of Bratva Maksim Part 3 was an exciting story giving the electrifying conclusion to Maksim and Lillian s story There were many twists and turns in part 3 setups, deception, loyalties crossed death and hurtful words that can t be taken back Hero, Maksim went through a lot to keep his woman protected even as he was arrested, jailed and escaped a federal prison easily while Lillian fled to Canada thinking that he had cheated on her with the Estonian stripper, Polina I was right it was pervert Geoff but who knew the stripper was working with him because she wanted Maksim for herself Very blunt Maksim Maksim kneeled in front of her, inches from her tear stained face Polina, listen very carefully to the question I m about to ask you then, answer honestly If I think you re lying, I ll snap your neck right here You understand Polina Maksim turned to the door, but stopped again when Polina called his name with an ear piercing shriek Maksim, baby, please don t go Geoff said he s coming for you next He said he knows where to find you He has a plan, she wailed He said he s going to kill you and Lillian she cried Maksim at his worst Maksim moved like lightening, grabbing her face on either side of her jaw, squishing her mouth Shut your fucking mouth Don t you ever say her name And if Oleg decides to let you live, I had better never see your face again, or I ll fucking kill you myself I never gave a shit about you I couldn t care if you lived or died, Pol
Interesting twistInteresting twist didn t see it coming Ending was rushed.Should have been all one book..I know I am a broken record sorry.