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Fairy Tale Fashion A Conceptually Innovative And Visually Stunning Investigation Of The Interconnected Worlds Of High Fashion And Fairy Tales Dress Plays A Crucial Role In Fairy Tales, Signaling The Status, Wealth, Or Vanity Of Particular Characters, And Symbolizing Their Transformation Fairy Tales Often Provide Little Information Beyond What Is Necessary To A Plot, But Clothing And Accessories Are Frequently Vividly Described, Enhancing The Sense Of Wonder Integral To The Genre Cinderella S Glass Slipper Is Perhaps The Most Famous Example, But It Is One Of Many Enchanted Or Emblematic Pieces Of Dress That Populate These Tales This Is The First Book To Examine The History, Significance, And Imagery Of Classic Fairy Tales Through The Lens Of High Fashion A Comprehensive Introduction To The Topic Of Fairy Tales And Dress Is Followed By A Series Of Short Essays On Thirteen Stories Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, The Fairies, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty And The Beast, Snow White, Rapunzel, Furrypelts, The Little Mermaid, The Snow Queen, The Swan Maidens, Alice S Adventures In Wonderland, And The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz Generously Illustrated, These Stories Are Creatively And Imaginatively Linked To Examples Of Clothing By Comme Des Garc Ons, Dolce And Gabbana, Charles James, And Alexander McQueen, Among Many Others. This book is beautiful There is nothing quite like it out there A well researched look at the fashion depicted in than a dozen fairy tales and how it has also influenced designers throughout history As someone who has a particular interest in fairy tales and design I rea
Once upon a time, there was a dress, a glass slipper, a red hood, ruined dancing shoes, and a furry pelt In Fairy Tale Fashion, Coleen Hill takes us back to the very fashioning of some of our most memorable tales and how these damsels clothing says than one might think Clothing has a very profound effect on us and there are certain pieces of clothing that have stayed in our universal consciousness Girls dream of having a Cinderella moment, perhaps at prom or on their wedding day Or when one puts on an evocative outfit, the first image in one s mind me be that you are emulating Little Red Riding Hood and that the wolves are out tonight I enjoyed Hill s ideas and how she juxtaposed older drawings with contemporary designs that called these fairy tales to mind However, I think that not enough time was spent on the objects of fashion in these fairy tales and while Hill s assertion that analysis should be left to people adept in that matter, I wanted to hear her analysis I wanted to know what she thought these timeless garments said about the population that hears these stories over and over and keeps these garments alive and well Included in her book are the stories of Cinderella the rag dress, the gown,
I was really dispointed in this one, but I m having trouble figuring how to articulate it.I guess on a basic level the fashion didn t really seem to tie in all that much it often seemed like images were chosen and then tied into the story after the fact.On a deeper level it was the sheer uncriticalness of the text I admit I was in it for art inspiration, but after a few spreads of skeletalyoung women with apples I skipped inspiration and fell into annoyance Tying in fairy tales and fashion emphasizes some of the issues of the tales in the modern era the narrowness of the type o
I became aware of this book due to an event at the 2016 Cheltenham literature festival I was drawn to the event because I have a love of fairy tales, not because I am a great follower of high fashion Truly, I didn t really know what to expect I had never heard of Colleen Hill before but I left her event eager to get my hands on her book.As Colleen explains, this book is a result of her examination specifically into how fashion has been influenced by fairy tales but also the significance of fashion within the fairy tales And, as she quickly discovers, this is an area which has been neglected by fairy tale historians, academics and folklorists Fairy tales the imagery that they conjure to mind, the knowledge that certain things are expected within them permeate our minds and consciousness Beauty is often equated with being good and virtuous, whilst evil is often represented by ugliness both on the outside as well as on the inside So, what can the fashions of fairy tales tell us What is the significance of particular colours used within the original tales or later literary and cinematic reproductions With this book, Colleen attempts to look at such questions.The book is organised into three main sections The first is entitled Fashion and Fairy Tales this basically introduces Colleen s concept for the book, but she also provides a b
What a wonderful book Colleen Hill has done a great job in linking fairy tales to fashion She picks a few great tales Cinderella, Red Riding Hood, The Fairies, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, Snow White, Rapunzel, Furrypelts, The Little Mermaid, The Snow Queen, The Swan Maidens, Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz and then takes each one in turn and presents fashion that can be seen to be inspired by these magical tales Using her access to artefacts at the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology really want to pay a visit now where she is a curator she carefully selects items to be presented along side the text In addition to this there are sumptuous photographs to swoon over from other sources and amazing styles of fashion to ponder.Hill also makes lots of interesting observations and her text had me looking up lots of topics to supplement what she was saying A well tho

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