The Real Poop on Pigeons

The Real Poop on Pigeons Did You Know A Pigeon Can Fly Faster Than A Car And Farther Than A Small Airplane Or That They Have Something Unusual In Common With Penguins, Flamingos, And Even The Dodo With His Trademark Mix Of Humor, Well Researched Facts, And Artistry, Kevin McCloskey Delivers The Straight Poop On These Humble Creatures, Which Turn Out To Becoo, Coo, COOL Kevin McCloskey, Who Teaches Illustration At Kutztown University In Pennsylvania, Learned About Pigeons From Vinnie Torre, One Of Hoboken S Last Pigeon Racers He Dedicated This Book To His Children, Even If His Daughter Is A Little Skittish On The Subject Since A Flock Of Pigeons Descended On The Family During A Visit To London S Trafalgar Square He Says He Considered Painting The Pictures Here On Roofing Material Because Pigeons Flock To Roofs But Settled Instead For Painting On A Pigeon Blue Fabriano Paper, The Kind Used By Picasso. Yes everything you ever wanted to know about pigeons OK, OK, OKKKKK Pigeons Seriously A book about pigeons I meanpigeons Aren t they just rats with wings Heck no Pigeons can fly faster than car and father than a small airplane They ve played a vital role in history Heck, even Picasso named his daughter after them Kevin McCloskey, author of We Dig Worms, comes back to Toon Books with well researched facts, sense of humor, and fun visual style to tell us aboutpigeons Kevin tells us the story of pigeons through a group of young children in pigeon costumes who learned all they needed to know in P.S 101 pigeon school 101 as they correct our misconceptions about the wonder of pigeons Yes pigeons And yes one of the characters even calls them rats with wings But after reading this book, you re likely to reconsider your stance At least on all pigeons Because pigeons have had a vital role in our history, from bringing us our mail to being used during the war to deliver important messages to just helping us better understand the world around us Having kids dressed as pigeons is a fun way to deliver facts and help correct misconceptions that readers, both young and old, are likely to have about the birds.Kevin painted each image in the book, yes painted, on pigeon blue Fabriano paper, that gives the illustrations a much different feel While blue would normally be used for a somber mood, the blue here is lively More like t
After reading this, my daughter went from asking, Mommy, why are you obsessed with pigeons this week to asking, Mommy, can we have some pigeons The answer to the first question is that I was reading about Darwin s obsession with the selective breeding of pigeons in The Origin of Species I had no idea that so many types of pigeons exist beyond the common ones we see in cities Breeders have paired off pigeons with various desirable attributes until we have hundreds of very distinct beautiful and sometimes strange breeds There are ones with curly hair, ones with chests puffed out so far that they can t even feed themselves, ones with tail feathers like a turkey, others with fluffy feet, tall ones, tri colored ones There are ones that are bred for show and others that are bred for the speed of their homing tendency This book is beautifully illustrated and starts with a pigeon loving woman and pigeon loving kids educating a pigeon hating man on a park bench about all the beaut
Told in easy to read text with realistic and attractive paintings of birds especially pigeons and elderly adults, gives an effective contrast to the cartoon like whimsical children in pigeon costumes The vehicle of pigeon clad children sharing important and surprising facts about them is clever and fun Who knew that pigeons carried the first airmail or that Picasso s daughter Paloma was named after the Spanish word for pigeon The Real Poop on Pigeons is formatted in a supremely effective informational non fiction graphic novel format, chock full of important and little known facts about pigeons What a perfect blend of visual literacy and delightful pigeon information that ki
Disclosure I received a free copy of this book from the publisher at a conference and met the author, who signed my book I loved pigeons as a kid My mum would take me to the zoo and I paid attention to the pigeons than the animals at the zoo So this book, though aimed at kids, seemed right up my alley A book just about pigeons Yes I liked this book Probably good for kids who are in kindergarten first grade if they
Sort of a silly title and premise, right But really a sweet, lovely, funny tribute to..pigeons, of all things And, a nice soft launch into the world of graphic novels for the youngest of young graphic novel readers This is a great little nonfiction book about pigeons that blends beautiful illustrations, fun facts, and some humor I d pair pieces of it with Don t let the pigeon drive the bus or any bird themed storytime. Ca ute book about the best birds Okay, I loved this book Who knewpigeons. I enjoyed this book because I like pigeons I also enjoyed this book because I like baby pigeons.

[Epub] ➠ The Real Poop on Pigeons  ➡ Kevin McCloskey –
  • Hardcover
  • 40 pages
  • The Real Poop on Pigeons
  • Kevin McCloskey
  • 02 July 2018
  • 9781935179931