The Pocket University Volume XVIII (The Pocket University, #18)

The Pocket University Volume XVIII (The Pocket University, #18) From The Introduction No Twentieth Century Collection Of Little Masterpieces Would Be Truly Representative If It Failed To Include A Group Of Modern One Act Plays This Type Of Literary Composition Has Developed Remarkably Since Its Rise In The Nineties, In England, France, Germany And Especially In America It Is Noteworthy That American Writers Who Have Done So Much With And For The Short Story Should Also Have Been Attracted By And Have Shown Proficiency In The Composition Of The One Act Play The Two Media, Obviously, Have Many Characteristics In Common The Swiftness Of Movement And Pitiless Pruning Away Of Non Essentials That Are Indispensable To Both Have Evidently Attracted A People That Have The Reputations Of Being Always In A Hurry.There Have Of Course Been One Act Plays Of Some Sort, Time Out Of Mind They Were Represented In The Religious Folk Drama Of Earlier Centuries In The Form Of Farces They Have Long Been In Common Use As Curtain Raisers Or After Pieces And As Playlets They Have Been Familiar To The Vaudeville Audiences Of The Past Fifty Years But The One Act Plays In This Volume, While Differing Wildly From Each Other, Have Little In Common With Any Of The Types Just Mentioned The Modern One Act Play At Its Best Is Indubitably A Work Of Art, And We Have No Hesitation In Claiming Consideration On This Ground For The Ten Plays That Are Presented Here Contents A Night At An Inn Lord Dunsany Beauty And The Jacobin Booth Tarkington Fortune And Men S Eyes Josephine Preston Peabody Overtones Alice Gerstenberg ShamFrank G Tompkins Eugenically Speaking Edward Goodman The Medicine ShowStuart Walker The Little Man John Galsworthy The Judgment Of Indra Dhan Gopal Mukerji The Shadowed Star Mary MacMillan Originally published in 1905, this book contains several plays along with images of the playwrights if available Some are exceptional.A Night at the Inn by Lord Dunsany, Beauty and the Jacobin by Booth Tarkington, Fortune And Men s Eyes, Overtones by Alice Gersteberg, Sham by Frank G Tompkins, Eugenically Speaking by Edward Goodman, The Medicine Show by Stuart Walker, The Lit