Why Dust Shall Never Settle Upon This Soul

Why Dust Shall Never Settle Upon This Soul In The Old Old Days, Ryka Aoki Would Be Tagged As Some Kind Of Prophet, And The Thumbsucking Masses, Bewildered Flummoxed By Her Talking Stories, Would Stone Or Torch Her Forged From The Ceaseless Grappling Match With Life, Living, Identity, Obligations, Duty, Home Selfhood, The Poems In This Striking Collection Are A Libretto Of What Survives, What Is Elusive, What Transforms Or Transmogrifies, And What Remains Primal Elemental Justin Chin, Author Of Gutted, And Bite Hard Sharp Eyed, Witty, Passionate And Just, A Lament For Trans Losses That Is Also Somehow A Celebration Of Life, This Book Made Me Cry And Then Laugh And Then Do Something That Was Both At Once It Is An Important Contribution To Our Literature And Also That Rare Thing, A Book Of Poetry You Won T Be Able To Put Down Cat Fitzpatrick, Poetry Editor, Topside Press I m not much of a poetry reader, and I m trying to work on that, especially breaking from reading anything that would fall under the traditional poetry mould This collection is beautiful and heartbreaking, a poignant collection featuring themes of loss, lamentation, remembrance, and survival Each section flows into the next Many different kinds of loss actually the loss of trans lives, being abandoned by fami
I went back and fourth about whether this book should get 3 or 4 starts I loved the Asian heritage that shined through the writers prospective in some of the poems There was one poem that I absolutely adored and will most likely be written on the inside of a Valentin
Absolutely gorgeous Trans poets are the BEST. Maybe this is a bad reason to stop and I m not usually a jerk about grammar but I found 3 4 instances of missed excess words in the intro and it was enough to take me out of the reading of it When I skipped to a poem and found a missing word again I gave up. Pretty accessible in terms of other poetry compilations I read Organized in a logical way Themes that drew me include remembrance, connections to the universe, family, and thoughtful discussions of the importance significance of food. There were certain bits I didn t love, but other sections were stunning The poems weave in and out of clarity, which is difficult at times, but compelling. Nice poetry volume. poetry with such clarity of being self