Chain Gang Fugitive

Chain Gang Fugitive Chain Gang Fugitive, First Published In 1932 As I Am A Fugitive From A Georgia Chain Gang , Is The Dramatic Firsthand Account Of Robert Burns And His Struggle To Live A Normal Life Following A Single Disastrous Choice He Had Made As A Young Man The Story Begins With The End Of World War I And The Return Of Veteran Burns To The U.S In 1921, Burns, Out Of Hunger And Desperation, Took Part In A Grocery Store Robbery With Two Other Men The Men Were Captured, And Burns Was Sentenced To 6 10 Years Hard Labor In A Georgia Prison The Robbery Had Netted The Men Less Than 6.00 Burns, Shackled As Part Of A Chain Gang, Successfully Escapes After Four Months And Makes His Way To Chicago, Where He Married, Started A Magazine And Lived As A Free Man For 7 Years For A Second Time, However, He Was Arrested As A Fugitive From Justice After Burns Became Involved With Another Woman And Was Turned In To Authorities By His Wife Burns Was Returned To Georgia, And Again Placed On A Chain Gang Incredibly, Burns Managed To Escape A Second Time And Traveled To New Jersey At The Time Of The Book S Publication In 1932 Followed By A Movie , He Was Still A Fugitive From The Law Included In This New Kindle Edition Is An Epilogue Detailing Burns Eventual Fate And An Copy Of An Illustrated True Detective Mysteries Article Featuring Burns Story.