Vampire (van Helsing Diaries Book 1)

Vampire (van Helsing Diaries Book 1)Content Warning Although This Novella Is A Work Of Fiction, It Contains Violent Themes Such As Murder And Suicide Bram Stoker Wrote Dracula Over The Course Of A Decade, Researching Historical Figures And Compiling Notes From Scattered Diary Entries What Was Supposed To Be A Work Of Fiction Holds Far Truth Than He Realized Dr Jane Langford Is Investigating A Murder Suicide Unlike Anything She S Ever Encountered Before Sleepy Boise, Idaho, Is A Haven To An Evil That Has Passed Unnoticed Down Through The Centuries. Another wonderful short story by Cawdron From the onset, Vampire had me on the edge of my seat I found myself losing track of time while reading as I could not set it aside Cawdron just has a way with words and you get lost in the detailed descriptions of his characte
This is another Cawdron Masterpiece, although a bit darker than his usual tale.From the outset it should be noted that this is a short story, just to prevent any confusion, and stop the usual complaints about length.However, even given that it is a short story, you won t be disappointed.This is an intelligent story, that is dark, intriguing, and that you should not read alone at night Cawdron does a brilliant job of using his characters to provide a riveting tale about a murder and a suicide investigation that isn t what it seems I don t want to give any away, needless to say that the story is quiet dark in its themes, but Cawdron has not gone overboard in his descriptions of the key elements, so those that may be interested, but are possibly put off by the warnings shouldn t be too concerned If you have read similar material before, such as other Vampire books, or crime novels you should be ok with the themes in this book.As usual Cawdrons characters are incredibly well written, having been in the Police, I was impressed with the quality of his writing in relation to procedural content, and the characters att
I rather liked this It s fairly short but leaves you wanting A unique twist to the vampire legend, but with the masterful original Dracula as an inspiration. Though, only 54 pages, this is an awesome reinterpretation of Bram Stoker s Dracula If you tend to believe in the existence of vampires, and find the idea disturbing, it might be wise to avoid this story, but if you like me just dislike horror on a manageable level, this is a great read eerie, suspenseful and slightly discomforting in the best possible way, and very compelling It s a book that makes you think of plausibility, and the truth of mythologies I guess, I m attracted to unsettling, slightly creepy stories at the moment, but still, this reads as sinister, not graphic suicide is part of the premise, as snow is part of the setting, but the true horror, is something entirely different, and less tangible Set in recent day Idaho it reads, in parts, very much like a crime novel, conveying a police and psych approach This works well in regards to giving the story a realistic feel, and it supports the suspense, as does the Idaho setting The backdrop of chilly winter storms, establishes a subtle, and quite eerie baseline, much in tune with that of Stoker s dark and gothic London Eastern Europe The protagonist, Dr Jane Langford, is very believable, both in regards to her being at the center of the story, and as a real person, who reflects, overthinks, and has relatable reactions I really like, how she is being properly portrayed t
This wild reimagining of Dracula is so gripping you will read it in minutes I was kept on my toes guessing where the twists would take me until the very end, and I can t say much without giving it away, but you will be happy to have spent
Fast PacedVAMPIRE was fast paced and thrilling The suspense built up from very subtle to in your face obvious I would recommend this to anyone interested in vampires It s a different take on vampires A good read. This is an eerie story of possession and vampires I m not sure I liked the ending but it was a unique way to take care of the story line I could anticipate some of the plot but that didn t take away from the enjoyment of the story If anything, it made it terrifying somewhat lik
A very well written and well edited capturing short story The ending was predictable but nevertheless enjoyable. A reworking of the Dracula story Set in modern time And in a novella The old vampire story is so iconic that I was unable to imagine how this could be worked So much so, that when I was offered a copy of Vampire in return for an honest review, I emailed the author to reiterate that my review would be a totally honest one even if I hated it.I should have saved myself all the angst and trusted in the very talented imagination of Mr.Cawdron to make this something special He writes with such a seemingly easy style, bringing characters into full reality without heavy handed description, not interrupting the flow of the story, starting in the ordinary and seamlessly spiralling into the weird Although a short, this story had the impact of a full length novel Perhaps the final pages were predicable but this only made the story that tad excitingAlthough this is a stand alone, I understand that there is a possibi
This was a neat little twist on the traditional vampire story and thank goodness nothing was sparkling Cawdron, as always, puts his own unique spin on something and makes it better What if vampires are real, but we ve gotten so blinded by the mythos that we can t see what s right in front of us This story was done in the style of Bram Stoker, full of suspense and riddled with the unknown I recommend it to any horror or sci fi fans out there along with everything else the gu