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Kingdom ComeWinner Of Five Eisner And Harvey Awards, KINGDOM COME Is The Best Selling Graphic Novel Form Acclaimed Writer Mark Waid And Superstar Painter Alex Ross This New, 20th Anniversary Edition Features Sketches And Bonus Material Explaining The Rich, Detailed World From The Minds Of Waid And Ross Set In The Not So Distant Future, The DC Universe Is Spinning Inexorably Out Of Control The New Generation Of Heroes Has Lost Their Moral Compass, Becoming Just As Reckless And Violent As The Villains They Fight The Previous Regime Of Heroes The Justice League Returns Under The Most Dire Of Circumstances, Setting Up A Battle Of The Old Guard Against These Uncompromising Protectors In A Battle That Will Define What Heroism Truly Is Collects KINGDOM COME 1 4. One of the DC s crown jewels This TPB edition collects Kingdom Come 1 4, plus an epilogue exclusive of the collected TPB edition , an introduction by Elliot S Maggin who did the prose novelization , and a Sketch gallery including a guide of the characters portraited on each individual cover of the original comic book issues.Creative Team Writers Mark Waid Alex RossIllustrator Alex RossLetterer Todd Klein ROAD TO KINGDOM COME This epic tale showing the last days of the DC Super heroes risen from two separate ideas.First, an unpublished proposal by Alan Moore titled Twilight of the Super Heroes when naing something with the word twilight didn t left you with a bitter taste of shinin vampires where precisely was about a grim future where the main powerhouses of DC have formed clans and they were in war with each other you can watch in the direct to video animated film Justice League Crisis in Two Earths some of this developed there, and which that said animated movie was originally a bridge between the animated TV series Justice League and its following seasons renamed Justice League Unlimited.Second, Alex Ross had done Marvels for Marvel Comics and he wanted to make a similar project for DC Comics, but where Marvels is a portrait of the first days of Marvel Universe, here, it s a study of how the last days of DC Universe may look
Kingdom Come should be in the holy canon of graphic novels It is easily among the top 25 10 greatest stories ever written for super hero comics The story takes place in the future Most of the DC roster of heroes have grown old Superman don t call him Clark has retired It seems that the public can only stand so much of villains, like the Joker, who, because of the thou shalt not kill villains hero code, just escape from jail and repeatedly wreak havoc.Some heroes break the code, start killing villains and public sentiment forces the old guard to bow out It leaves a situation where you have a group of meta humans with varying degrees of good intentions taking justice into their own hands When most of the bad guys are wiped out, they begin to turn on each other It takes a catastrophic incident involving a group of heroes the villain, Parasite and much loss of life to bring the clash between the old and new ways to a head.Alex Ross s artwork adds
This is such a layered story that it almost makes no sense to write a review after only one reading On the other hand, despite being very good and make no mistake, it s very good , this is probably one I won t be re reading soon It s a demanding story, and occasionally unsettling, much like Watchmen There s even a novelization Kingdom Come , which I may even seek out at some stage, to fill in the gaps.The story deals with the premise of a world filled with superhumans who have no regard for human life Even though they re self appointed protectors of the people, they often do harm than good, and get involved in squabbles that tend to lead to lots of collateral damage and loss of life But what would happen if the original champions should return from retirement to restore order It s not as simple as it may sound The story is told from the perspective of pastor Norman McCay and The Spectre, and is driven by apocalyptic inevitability as events hurtle toward judgment day There are a number of religious parallels drawn here, often to great effect It s a moody but quite brilliant story that, in essence, asks the question where do you draw the line As far as continuity is concerned, there are some interesting contradictions Waid has confirmed that the Flash featuring here is,
This story is about the children and grandchildren of the Old Guard superheroes think Justice League and the like , who are lacking in finesse, compassion and an overriding need to protect the regular people Instead, they bicker, brag about wiping out Old Guard villains and then proceed to become the villains by having gang fights out in public, putting the humans at risk amidst flying cars, crumbling buildings and all types of energy blasts Superman has since withdrawn from things after a younger superhero did something horrible in the eyes of some and was acquitted by the courts Now he resides on a farm in the midwest and has lost touch with humanity as his wife, coworkers and parents are long gone and buried But continued recklessness by those young superheroes compels Superman and other former Justice Leaguers to come out of retirement to end it all Fortunately for him he and Captain Marvel are the apparently the strongest of all the superheroes and Superman also has enough charisma to get many of the younger types to join up All said, though, there are a large number of younger superheroes who refuse to change and are put into a superhero prison Things heat up unsurprisingly in the latter part of the story as the imprisoned superheroes threaten to break out and the humans get involved as
Three words Alex Ross artwork Wow The detail in this is beautiful, and the way he aged these iconic heroes without making them appear creepy was amazing Which begs the question, Why do so many artists equate aging with disfigurement Ahem steps down from soap box Mark Waid really does a good job at telling this what if tale It s not perfect, but it definitely has it s moments view spoiler An aging Batman is talking to the now grey Superman, and in mid s
Kingdom Come is one of the most boring, overrated, and simply bad event books from DC I ve read It lacks a coherent narrative, competent writing, strong characterisation, and, maybe most basic of all, an interesting story Mark Waid s writing on this book is truly abysmal The saving grace of this book is Alex Ross artwork which may be the reason so many people think it s a classic of the superhero genre But even Ross photo realistic art can t save it from the literary quagmire it drives itself into and fails to leave for the entirety of this book.The story setup is most baffling of all Superman has retired for 10 years because he lost his parents and Lois He just felt he couldn t be Superman any Uh ok But then everyone else in the Justice League, except Batman, decide to call it a day too Green Lantern builds himself a giant green space station and sits on his throne, Hawkman flies about the Pacific North West, Wonder Woman disappears back to her island, Flash runs endlessly in circles Why Just because Superman h
They move freely through the streets through the world, but unopposed They are, after all our protector I wasn t expecting to like this I really wasn t It was just one of those days when I have no idea what to read, then remembered someone recommending this, so I picked it up Imagine my surprise when I ended up loving it I m pretty iffy with older comics because of how they are written I don t really enjoy the way it s written as some of them are written in a very dated way I prefer the writing a bit modern and contemporary Kingdom Come may be a bit dated, but holy crap, the story was great and so was the art THE STORY WRITING The story focused on the divide between the older heroes, the ones we all know and love Superman, Wonderwoman, Green Lantern you know who they are , and the newer ones, mostly the decendants of the older heroes The divide between them is caused by the difference in their view on saving people It kind of reminds me of Millar s Civil War for Marvel, only this one has a interesting aspect to it being the narrator isn t really a superhero but a bystander who can see what was happening That part, I really, really liked.As for the writing, as I mentioned earlier, reading older works causes a bit of a nuisance for me I find that some older stuff are harder to read because of the way they are written Kingdom Come was published back in 1996 but the s
Stunned I am stunned This is absolutely stunning Where to even start The closest thing I can compare this to is Crisis On Infinite Earths It s on a much smaller scale setting wise, just the one Earth, but the cast of characters is immense, so complex and otherworldly I won t even get into it And the writing is ripe with social criticism and politics And there are many plots.The story, much like Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross s Marvels, is told from a bystander s perspective, a pastor who has lost faith and begun to envision the end of days He eventually guides Spectre through the destruction to cast judgment on humanity, and whether humans or super humans are responsible One subplot is humans versus super humans Humans have suffered from the belligerence of the new guard and the resignation of the old guard While the war rages, the humans are forced to become involved and protect themselves And are they guilty for having overstepped and become involved in a war of gods, or have the super humans reaped what they ve sown Another subplot is Superman s path to redemption, which could be applied to all the super humans for failing to protect the humans and uphold a higher moral code While they fight among themselves they commit a gross disservice and injustice, disgracing the name of hero Social criticism
Beautiful art, deep and interesting story full of twists and truths hidden behind truths.And really how do you control a world full of meta humans and how do you keep faith.If you re a fan of super hero comics this one is almost essential. I love Alex Ross s superhero art, especially on a book like Kingdom Come There s the right mix of epic pages with awe inspiring visuals and panels that use realism to show these still larger than life characters as flawed and human, in their own ways The character design, both aging up existed DC characters and creating new ones, is almost flawless.And yes, there s a story, too And the story is perfectly suited for the art, or vice versa It s a story with larger than life, almost godlike heroes, who are at the same time flawed humans who make sometimes catastrophic mistakes Yes, perfect fit with the art The poor pastor being dragged along

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