Hazing the Cheerleaders

Hazing the Cheerleaders Pentregoed Was, To All Intents And Purposes, A Typical Welsh University Town, But There Were Two Things That Set It Apart Firstly, It Was Dull As Ditchwater If The Students Were Looking For Entertainment, They Had To Either Hope The Weather Was Nice Enough To Go To The Beach, Or Spend Their Time In One Of The Three Pubs In Town, All Of Which Were Overpriced As All Hell The Second Difference Was That Pentregoed Took A Slightly Lenient View Of Public Nudity Than Was Usual It Was Still Technically Illegal, But The Laws Were Seldom Enforced The Combination Of Bored Students And The Ability To Get Naked In Public Led, Predictably Enough, To Some Memorable Hi Jinks, Particularly When It Came To The Initiations Of The Various Sports Societies The Cheerleaders In Particular Had A Tendency To Take Things A Little Too Far A great book I really enjoyed this story If you did you may want to try out The Murder of Elizabeth Rae It s here on . Formulaic, not very arousing short Not much heat to the story.The brief snippet did not leave much of an impression beyond the routine cheerleader initiation story Read like a first attempt.