Understanding A3 Thinking: A Critical Component of Toyota's PDCA Management System

Understanding A3 Thinking: A Critical Component of Toyota's PDCA Management SystemWinner Of A 2009 Shingo Research And Professional Publication Prize.Notably Flexible And Brief, The A3 Report Has Proven To Be A Key Tool In Toyota S Successful Move Toward Organizational Efficiency, Effectiveness, And Improvement, Especially Within Its Engineering And RD Organizations The Power Of The A3 Report, However, Derives Not From The Report Itself, But Rather From The Development Of The Culture And Mindset Required For The Implementation Of The A3 System In Understanding A3 Thinking, The Authors First Show That The A3 Report Is An Effective Tool When It Is Implemented In Conjunction With A PDCA Based Management Philosophy Toyota Views A3 Reports As Just One Piece In Their PDCA Management Approach Second, The Authors Show That The Process Leading To The Development And Management Of A3 Reports Is At Least As Important As The Reports Themselves, Because Of The Deep Learning And Professional Development That Occurs In The Process And Finally, The Authors Provide A Number Of Examples As Well As Some Very Practical Advice On How To Write And Review A3 Reports. This book is outstanding I initially thought it would be a quick read since the page count is short, but I found myself slowly savoring it This book is like a good wine where you appreciate the textures and nuances if you take it slow.I suggest this book to all Lean practitioners, most project managers, people who use data to understand problems and show improvements, people who like to draw, and anybody else that enjoys the thought process behind problem solving.This is a great next book for fans of THE BACK OF THE NAPKIN authors offer profound insights to A3 thinking and structure They also paint a deeper understanding of the thinking at Toyota I particularly liked the explanation of nemawashi and how the A3 author must return to those where their concerns were not addressed to explain why.I found the thinking behind data to be fascinating It is nice to see how much or how little is used The authors even give a nice overview of Tufte s graph theories while providing an easy template to choose the best graph to match your communication goal.For project managers, the A3 project status template is worth exploring I have used dashboards in the past but this structure paints a better
Great introPretty good introduction Very actionable advice and tips Nevertheless, I would only recommend it if you have read The Toyota Way, Learning to See and or similar books on Lean beforehand Something else to
Recommended reading for work. Good book for overall take on the pdca solving problem tool A little bit disappointed cause I expected the authours would spend time on how to analyse a problem but it was about understanding how a PDCA
It s a good tool. This book is easy to read and it explains with detail how to draw an A3 diagram It gives you valuable adviser on how the information shall be displayed or the structure.In reference to the thinking part of the title it only surfaces the problem, mentioning root cause analysi
The lean is the school of austerity And this book is clearly in this mindset Don t expect a fun reading But if you want to really understand the fundamentals of the problem solving way of thinking, this is the book It shows how this process is achieved through the famous A3, and th
This book amazingly describes HOW the entire Toyota Production System came to be Punchline it s applying the scientific method to problem solving in a collaborative consensus building method for root cause analysis of the system that caused the problem It then discusses 3 types of reports problem solving, proposals, and status reports and the differences in the thinking approaches in the PDCA cycle for each of these I really enjoyed how this concisely written book provi
Binnen Toyota is iedereen getraind en doordrongen van de cultuur van continu verbeteren Het PDCA principe Plan, Do, Check, Act is dan ook een van de belangrijkste elementen van de Toyota bedrijfscultuur.Naast dit PDCA prin
Awesome book and well deserving of its Shingo Award I had read this close to a decade ago when I was first exposed to a3 thinking At that time there was a lot of buzz going around about a3 But then like other things it kind of disappe

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  • Understanding A3 Thinking: A Critical Component of Toyota's PDCA Management System
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