Fantastic Farm Machines

Fantastic Farm MachinesThe Day To Day Business Of Growing And Harvesting Crops For Food Is Brought To Dramatic Life In This Nebraska Children S Agriculture Book Of The Year As Children See Farmers And Their Machinery Hard At Work Farmers Lifted And Hauled, Cut And Chopped, Plowed And Planted, Waters And Mowed By Hand Or With Horses And Simple Equipment Until The First Tractor Appeared Now There Are Tractors With Eight Wheels And Tires Big Enough To Stand In, Skid Steers With Buckets For Lifting, And Sprayers That Look Like Huge Prehistoric Birds, As Well As Many Other Modern Computerized Farming Machines Here S A Look At Farm Machinery In The Modern Age. Fantastic Farm Machines introduces students to various types of farm machinery and explains what each machine does This book includes tractors, grain drills, combines, and many other machines Photographs show each machine at work on a real farm This is an example of an informational text because it includes factual information about farm machines and its purpose is to inform readers.The grade level eq
The story starts out with how grandpa used to farm the land and then launches into a description of all the machinery used on a modern farm.Excellent photographs of some really fun farm equipment. Completely excellent The writer a third generation farmer tells the tale of her father and grandfather and how they farmed with no or primitive equipment and how eager they were when the first farm machines came out Very nice photographs of equipment and how they are used. Twelve big pieces of machinery are shown and their purposes are explained. Photographs of a family s farm equipment Brief paragraphs describing what the machine does Some comments on why the family loves farming.

[Reading] ➰ Fantastic Farm Machines ➸ Cris Peterson –
  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • Fantastic Farm Machines
  • Cris Peterson
  • English
  • 13 March 2017
  • 9781590782712