A Dangerously Sexy Affair

A Dangerously Sexy AffairReady, Player One Quinn Dellinger Is Supposed To Be Having Fun At An Industry Party For Gamers Instead, All She Can Think About Is The Promotion She Just Got Passed Over For At Her Security Firm Then She Spots Him Tall Check Dark Check Dangerously Sexy Check Hell, Yes This Is The Guy Who Ll Help Her Forget All Her Worries And Give Her One Wickedly Naughty Night The Next Morning She Discovers Her One Night Stand Was The Guy Who Took Her Job Oh, Hell No But Aiden Odell Is Not Just A Security Specialist, He S Ex FBI, And Quinn Is Expected To Work With Him Very Closely On A Major Assignment He May Be Tall, Dark And Dangerously Sexy, But This Is One Game Quinn Is Determined To Win This is only the second book I have read by Ms London but I can promise you I ll be reading of them in the future This book was cute, funny and sexy I actually read it in one sitting because I didn t want it to end Quinn was hurt two years ago by someone she trusted and now it s time to get back on the horse She attends a gamer party with her best friend and ends up talking to a tree Well that is before Aiden captured her interest As a former FBI agent Aiden knows all about uncover work and that s the only reason while he s at this gamer party He needs to find out who is leaking information, but when he sees a woman talking to a tree he immediately taken with not only her appearance but her quirky attitude What I noticed first about this story that caught my attention was the description of the main characters London did an excellent job at making them unique and stand out I loved how Quinn had piercings, pink in her hair and dressed like a teenage boy Aiden sounded like he was all man but the way the London described him it made him have a boyish quality that I just loved The plot kind of started out like a few books I have read when they spend one night together and come to find the next day they will be working together but that was the only similar thing I came across This story
Fabulous story I loved this one from page one it has everything you want in a romance hot gorgeous and a very caring hero a heroine who is quirky fun but has some issues from her past that have kept her single for some time now and she has just been passed over for a promotion at work it is time for a change.Quinn Dellinger IT specialist and is a very keen gamer and is at an industry party with her best friend Alana when she sees the most sexy handsome man and her body tingles in a way it has not done for some time can she do this have a one night stand and switch of the past, well she is going to try and when handsome guy sees Quinn the tingles increase.Aiden Odell is just about to start a new job with his best friends security firm he has just left the FBI after an injury has changed things for him and he has come to the industry party to try and get some leads never thinking he would meet the gorgeous girl with the pink hair and sparks would fly and a sexy passionate night would be had.When Quinn arrives at work the next morning and discovers that the hot sexy guy Aiden is none other than the guy who got her job sparks fly but when they are teemed up to together to solve this case and Quinn goes undercover they get closer and both open up Quinn has such a hard time trusting but Aiden is so caring and the affair heats up This is a story that is fun and so very enjoyable hot steamy and with characters that are so real there are games to play as wel
This is the second story in The Dangerous Bachelor s Club series and focuses on Quinn, a female gamer who works in the IT department of her security company When she s passed over for a promotion in favor of an outsider, she s pretty ticked off, but willing to work with the new guy to solve a case The only problem is that her new partner and the man who got the job she wanted, Aiden, turns out to be none other than the sexy stranger she slept with the night before When they d met at an industry evening, they d exchanged names but no particulars, making for a no strings attached hookup that exceeded Quinn s expectations, and then some Can they somehow make their night together the stepping stone to a real partnership, in bed and out Can I just say yay for female gamers I loved that this was Quinn s character, that she s in information technology as a career a traditionally male dominated field and that she loves playing video games incidentally, I knew exactly which racetrack she and Aiden were talking about when they play Mario Kart together in one of the scenes Tired of her low l
4.5 starI was pulled right into this story The story has laughs, trust issues, naughty fun, suspense, and heartbreak This is Quinn and Aiden s story Quinn had one hot naughty night with Aiden only to find out that he was the one to get the job she wanted With both of them having trust issues will they be able to work together Can they even trust each other a little in order to get the job done Or will they be working against each other the entire time Can you work together without falling back into bed together You get to see why they both have trust is
Their investigation is the source of the book s major conflicts, but the heart of this story is Quinn s emotional journey of recovery and Aiden s loving support 4 stars RT Book Reviews.Miniseries A Dangerously Sexy Affair The Dangerous Bachelors Club The Second I started reading A Dangerously Sexy Affair I was hooked I mean I ll be honest that I love Stefanie London and have been addicted to her writing and books since I first started reading her work I love her writing style and her period but once again she proves that that love and admiration was well founded because I fell in love with her all over again after I read A Dangerously Sexy Affair and if I hadn t of been a fan or stalker of her before I would have been after reading this one The characters from Aiden , who was so hot and panty dripping you can t control how easily he corrupts you dreams, to Quinn , who you couldn t help but admire, Stefanie London has once again created captivating characters who steal your heart and attention with no intention of releasing them back To the sex scenes were so hot that I m surprised the pages didn t burn off my finger prints Add to that the uniquely different storyline of the book the world of video gamers and the I was hooked Aiden Odell was a former FBI agent who was injured in the line of duty Unable to work as an agent in the field any he retired and started looking for another job His best
Full review on the bloggy blog, I m Here For the Romance 3Quinn Dellinger is at ease with one thing in her life and it s not sex It s gaming Hurt deeply by her ex almost two years ago, she is looking to regain her confidence in the bedroom and put the past way behind her Stepping out at an industry party for gamers in her best friends little black dress helps her out of her shell and into the arms of a sexy and very willing to please game programmer One night of passionate fun can t hurt, right It s not like she is giving him her heart right Aiden Odell is not a game programmer and he wishes he could tell that to the fuchsia haired beauty he is leading up to his hotel room, but she doesn t want to hear it No personal info Fine with him She doesn t need to know he s an ex FBI agent, forced to leave the field due to an injury incurred whilst being fired at She doesn t need to know how desperate he is to prove to himself and his father that he doesn t need him holding his hand at the agency to be successful All she needs to know is how much he loves making her feel like the goddess she is And it s just one night after all That is, until he learns that he ll be working with her very closely on a major assignment at his new job I liked this London is definitely a talented writer and I am very impressed, not for the first time, with what she was able to accomplish with a shorter format I would really love to see what she can do with just even 100
What do you get when you put a quirky but talented nerd and a sexy former agent together and throw in some corporate espionage A very cute romance and some passionate interludes that will generate enough heat to have you fanning yourself.Quinn Dellinger is not happy to have been passed over for the promotion she was looking forward to at work but she ll take the tall, dark and sexy drink of water that just caught her eye as the consolation prize for one night Well, what happens in the bedroom doesn t always stay there because her consolation prize from the previous night is the new guy whom she lost the promotion to and she s just been assigned to work on an undercover assignment with him.Aiden Odell s new job with his friend s security company is a fresh start for him away from his father s shadow at the FBI and he s determined to make his mark without accusations of favoritism but his fresh start isn t going so smoothly because the woman who rocked his world so well the night before is his new co worker who had been angling for his job and there may be some residual resentment there Besides she s a huge distraction he doesn t need if he has to make a good first impression to his bosses The first thing that hit me was the sizzling chemistry between Quinn and Aiden and boy, does he have some moves in bed But with Quinn s trust issues, Aiden s need to prove himself at work and their joint investigatio
Heather s review from Smut MattersThis was a really cute, fun story We met Quinn in the previous book, A Dangerously Sexy Christmas, and I really liked her, but we didn t spend a lot of time with her I liked what I saw, though, and when I heard her story was next, I jumped on it right away Here she s been passed over for a promotion she deserved, and she s pissed about it She d believed she was in line for it, but then her boss gave the job to someone outside the company, and she has no idea who or why I liked Quinn as much here as I did in the first book She s in IT, working in the security department of her firm, a serious gamer on the side, and a total geek She s really smart and clever, and I love that Stefanie London managed to make her quirky without turning her into a manic pixie dream girl Quinn is also down to earth, and has fought to make her way in a male dominated industry by working hard and being damn good at what she does.Imagine her surprise when she gets to work the day after a party and discovers that the man who stole her job was her one night stand from the night before His first assignment is to investiga
Quinn Dellinger got dragged to a party at a gamers convention by her friend Alana It s not exactly Quinn s cup of tea, especially since she is sulking because she was passed over for a promotion After a dreadful experience with her former boyfriend, Quinn does only one night stands she s not risking her heart again She can t wait to go home, alone, until she sees a glorious male specimen who might be able to salvage the evening However the morning after, it turns out that the hot guy who rocked her world, Aiden Odell, is the man who got the job Quinn coveted What a great book A DANGEROUSLY SEXY AFFAIR is and so much than a few sexy bits held together by a flimsy story There is at least as much suspense as there are sex scenes the story itself is as good as any suspense novel, and the sex is playful, hot and tender Ms London has created terrific characters all around, and Quinn and Aiden are very real fleshed out, and they are great separately as well as together they share real chemistry, and the way their relationship evolved was realistic and utterly delectable One thing I particularly enjoyed is that both Quinn and Aiden are equals, and for that alone A DANGEROUSLY SEXY AFFAIR is worth reading Both have issues, which are dealt with intelligently and subtly, and do not weigh the book down, but rather enrich it The characters, the setting, the story are all flawless, and t

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