Patterns in the Sky : An Introduction to Ethnoastronomy

Patterns in the Sky : An Introduction to EthnoastronomySince The Beginning Of Humankind, People Around The World Have Had A Strong Interest In The Powers And Beings Perceived In The Sky This Compelling Short Work Helps Students Fully Understand And Appreciate The Ways In Which Non Western Indigenous And Small Scale Societies Perceive, Conceptualize, And Make Sure Of What They Astronomically Observe With Its Concise Explanations Of Prominent Astronomical Phenomena, Discussions Of Relevant Crosscultural Examples, And Instructive Suggestions For Active Field Research, Patterns In The Sky Is A Unique And Practical Guide For Doing Ethnoastronomy In Addition, Fabian Offers Exercises In Observational Astronomy With The Naked Eye So That Students Can Get In Touch With The Cosmos And Natural World Around Them. I originally purchased this book when I was feeling curious about indigenous astronomy in particular, indigenous stellar observations I remember in elementary school, we had StarLab once a year, and it was fascinating We learned about three different star maps the Western scientific map, a sort of pan African American star map, and a Native American star map I was really amazed to learn that different peoples cultures had different names for constellations, or even identified totally different shapes in the night sky So I got this book thinking that it would be talking about that I have to say, I was disappointed The author does of an overview of ethnoastronomical field research, sprinkling in his own or other researchers anecdotal evidence of indigenous cosmological systems Not quite what I was looking for But the author does cite a lot of works that go deeper into special topics within ethnoastronomy than he does in the book He of

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  • Paperback
  • 125 pages
  • Patterns in the Sky : An Introduction to Ethnoastronomy
  • Stephen Michael Fabian
  • English
  • 07 December 2019
  • 9781577661818