Zanzibar Under Colonial Rule: Eastern African Studies

Zanzibar Under Colonial Rule: Eastern African StudiesZanzibar Stands At The Center Of The Indian Ocean System S Involvement In The History Of Eastern Africa This Book Follows On From The Period Covered In Abdul Sheriff S Acclaimed Slaves, Spices And Ivory In Zanzibar.The First Part Of The Book Shows The Transition Of Zanzibar From The Commercial Economy Of The Nineteenth Century To The Colonial Economy Of The Twentieth Century The Authors Begin With The Abolition Of The Slave Trade In 1873 That Started The Process Of Transformation They Show The Transition From Slavery To Colonial Free Labor, The Creation Of The Capitalist Economy, And The Resulting Social Contradictions They Take The History Up To Formal Independence In 1963 With A Postscript On The 1964 Insurrection In The Second Part The Authors Analyze Social Classes The Landlords And The Merchants Were Dominant In The Commercial Empire Of The Nineteenth Century And Had Difficulties In Adjusting To The Colonial Condition At The Same Time The Development Of Capitalist Farmers And A Fully Proletarianized Working Class Was Hindered The Conservative Administration Could Not Resolve The Contradictions Of Colonial Capitalism, And The Formation Of A United Nationalist Movement Was Hampered This Period Culminated In The Insurrection Of 1964, But The Revolution Could Not Be Consummated Without Mature Revolutionary Classes. Cloves R UsI think a class based analysis of any society is well worth doing What I don t like, however, are writers who think the truth resides solely with them, that mastery of the doubtful science of history is theirs alone, that all others are mere ideologues who have deliberately Missed the Point The Marxist writers who put this volume together cleave unmercifully to a single ideological line OK, I can even accept that , they use a certain variety of vocabulary which goes along with that line which is tiresome , and they never, ever accept that they might not possess all the truth Is it possible to know the Truth about anything, including the modern history of Zanzibar I would say no I think even fifty shades of gray is too few That s why I find such super self confidence on the part of historians than irritating Zanzibar, that small island of the coast of East Africa, has an interesting history Set up as an entrepot in pre colonial times, the Africans, Arabs, and Indians who traded ther

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  • Zanzibar Under Colonial Rule: Eastern African Studies
  • Abdul Sheriff
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  • 02 May 2017
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