All I Want is that Hood Love 3

All I Want is that Hood Love 3 Mega And Taysia Are Back And The Chemistry Between Them Is Bigger And Better Than Ever Only This Time, The Tables Have Turned And Their Relationship Is Being Tested By The Power Of Love Mega S Tired Of Playing Games And There S A New Chick In His Life, But There S Something About Taysia That He Just Can T Seem To Shake Will They Finally Let Go And Throw In The Towel Or Is Their Love For One Another Strong Enough For A Happily Ever After This book was really good I love Mega and Taysia and was happy to see that got there happy ending I love Kira and Rock relationship and even though they had there up and down they was still able to make it work The whole series was good and I was
Perfect ending I love mega crazy self and I m glad him and Tay are together Now I m looking for a spin off cause I wanna know about tays mother and if she will find out what mega did Great series so make sure y all get your copy. Hamburger that was nice Soooo yeah there was way to much that happened in these 3 books for me to go into great detail Just know it has a little bit of every damn thing My only question is what happened to the
I so loved this series and I am kind of upset that I have read them all and it s coming to an end This is one of those series I know that I will read again and again just to reconnect to the characters at hand and read up on the juiciness of Mega and Taysia Until next timeKisses Good read Final Rating 3.25 Stars The End or NoThis was a very good read that held my attention from beginning to end Everything was perfect The entire series was very good Great Job Mercedes 5 stars for sure My Review From reading all three booksOk so I waited to give my review after I read all three books My feelings were all over the place reading these books I loved Tay but then I was disliking her at times due to her acting the way she did when it came down to her husband Jamel and MeMe The way she made him leave the hospital once she found out that Jamel was the father of MeMes baby and then she secretly swaved him and the baby to do a DNA test..But at the end I started loving her again and she got happiness that she finally least I hope because the ending left you with questions Mega was something serious. he played so many games with Tay. well they both did but I m glad they finally got it right at the end Rock finally got kira to understand that he only loved her and that his baby mama didn t mean nothing to him I loved this book but I don t think I can take another book coming all three books had me staying up most of the night reading because every
I m so glad that Taysia and Mega worked it out, and Mega realized that Taysia was the one that was riding for him, and she showed that in ways than one I knew that Brittney was just there to try to fill the void that Mega had for Taysia Brittney knew that she was temporary, but at the same time, she was along for the ride for as long as po