Crush Jazmin Always Had The Biggest Crush On Her Childhood Friend Sean Since She Could Remember Being That She Was The Cute For A Fat Girl And Like A Little Sister Type Of Girl, Sean Never Really Gave Jazmin Much Attention Now That They Re Older, Things Have Changed Sean Has Started Seeing Her In A Different Light And Now They Re Caught Up In A Love Affair That Jazmin Has Been Waiting Her Whole Life For.There S Just One Problem Sean Is Married To Jazmin S Sister S Friend Rayven To Make Matters Worse, Jazmin Has Just Given Birth To Sean S Love Child.As Jazmin Deals With The Pain, Hurt, And Heartbreak Of Being The Secret Side Chick To Sean, Another Person Has Entered The Picture Jah, Also Another Childhood Friend, Is Handsome But Can Be A Little Rude, Straightforward And Temperamental He S The Bad Boy With A Potty Mouth That Has Always Been Everyone S Least Favorite However He S Attempting To Be A Standup Guy Despite His Abrasiveness And He S There For Jazmin In Ways That She Would Have Never Expected But Sean Isn T Happy About It At All.Will Sean Sit Back And Lose His Side Piece And Love Child To Jah, Or Will He Be Ready To Let The Cat Out The Bag To Hold On To Jazmin I was able to finish this book in less than a day I was so engrossed in it, I sat on the side at a BBQ to read This isn t your average tale of a side chick or affair The events that took place were unlike anything I ve ever read Jazz and Sean s relationship infuriated me Sean really had some stuff with him Although Jah is rough around the edges I found myself rout
OMG I need stars for this book Where do I start, shoot by the book its the BomB I need part 2 soon This is a re read. I need part 2 asapAll I can say is Sean is a straight up bitch He irked my last nerves with all that lying and manipulation he was doing Considering everything he didn t have, I was trying to figure out what made chicks even want him I was disappointed in Jazz when it came to her self esteem She took too much of the snide remarks and thought she wasn t good enough Her little breakdown had me too pissed Once her attitude started changing and she realized things wouldn t change, I was so happy she stopped worrying about what Sean wanted I can t even say poor Rayven because she knows her man ain t worth nothing Now with Jah, I can definitely say yes I thought he was being a bit harsh in the beginning but he was actually downplaying his true feelings He stepped up in a major way and was man than Sean will ever be I was hoping Jah and Jazz would get thi
Omg where do I start I loved this book from beginning to end I didn t want to put it down last night and go to bed That ending I didn t see coming at all Sean is a horrible man I love Jah I hope Jah Jazmin can work it out. Crush by Ivy Symone tells the story of Jazmin who always had the biggest crush on her childhood friend Sean since she could remember Being that she was the cute for a fat girl and like a little sister type of girl, Sean never really gave Jazmin much attention Now that they re older, things have changed Sean has started seeing her in a different light and now they re caught up in a love affair that Jazmin has been waiting her whole life for.There s just one problem Sean is married to Jazmin s sister s friend Rayven To make matters worse, Jazmin has just given birth to Sean s love child.Let the drama beginIf I could give this book ten stars, I would Crush is a phenomenal story I can t add much to the three hundred plus, five star reviews Ivy Symone has received already All I can say is this, her character development, plot, pacing and comedic flare is outstanding.Crus
Jasmine is finally happy to be with her childhood crush Sean even if it means playing the side chick After finding out that she is pregnant with his baby she believes everything will finally change for her and they will be one happy family Things take a turn for the worse when its time for her to deliver.Her world comes tumbling down and the person that she least expects might just be the one to help her pick up the broken pieces.Ivy Symone has done it aga
Amazing I throughly enjoyed this book The storyline was good and kept me interested Character development was good as well They were relatable and each had flaws No one likes bland characterless people I m all the way here for Jah and Jazz being together Can t wait to read part 2. In the game This is what I like to read This book has restored my faith in reading Full of action, full of drama I love me some Jah can t wait until part 2 I love me some Jah This book was so good and full of drama I m not sure why it took me so long to finally read this book Great flavor in this read I love the chemistry between Jah Juicy Jah steps up to da plate for his stupid so called friend in the terms of doing da honorable thing when it comes to being a father Juicy Jazz is caught in da middle between to men one who is a male whore and one who is stand u