PePr, Inc.

PePr, Inc.Hazel Has A Busy Life With A Great Career And Friends She Loves She Also Has Henry, And That S Not Working Out Quite Like She Expected Perfect Partners, Incorporated PePr, Inc Promised Her A Match With Perfect Compatibility A PePr Is Meant To Complement Their Human, Filling In All The Gaps To Create The Ideal Couple They Are Meant To Be Something No Human Could Ever Hope To Find In Another Human It S Just Not Turning Out That Way For Hazel When Henry Finally Goes Too Far, Hazel Finds That Getting Free Of Him Might Not Be As Easy As Going Back To PePr To Void The Contract PePr, Inc Is A Short Story, The First In The Perfect Partners, Incorporated Series. It s a thought provoking short story with a significant shift of perspective in the middle I would say this is a worthy contribution to the venerable genre of robo fiction yes, I just invented that word Having grown up reading Asimov s robot stories which I loved, I fo
The title made me smile The word perfect doesn t usually describe any kind of relationship that involves a human This is going to be such an interesting series I liked Hazel right from the start Really, you have to sympathize with her Henry does se
I liked it It was good, really good especially the twist It had me laughing cuz what I thought and what happened had me chuckling It s just I read Posthumous before this and that was really amazing and had my expecta
This short little goody is totally not what I expected I read this in one sitting, and half way through, my jaw hit the floor Ann is such a talented writer and amazing at keeping you on your toes Already purchased and downloaded book two to this crazy series I new robots were scary Cree
A truly surprising story the twists within the story were AMAZING and very well done I loved it, originally read it in one of the Chronicles Books HINT HINT Samuel Peralta is ROCKING the Sci Fi WORLD with the Future Chronicles TRY THEM, you ll LOVE them , The Robot Chronicles long for book Two Posthumous Perfect Partners, Incorporated Book 2 Three Imperfect Perfect Partners, Incorporated Book 3 My Review This is a book that I read in ASIN B00M3GIBUK The Robot Chronicles The Future Chronicles I was totally glad for it s being included in that book PePr.Inc allowed me, as a reader, to give thought to how we could create robots who are human in their actions that the humanity that surrounds them I found myself questioning people , again, as I am all too aware that many true humans are greedy as pigs at a trough when it comes to getting thei
Review originally posted on .com Pepr, Inc is the first story I have read from Ann Christy This series is unique because the stories live in the same universe, but the characters span different points of time in the universe Christy has a wonderful writing style which causes the reader to become invested in the characters while also posing some deep questions reg
I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.This story is set in a world where synthetic human companions aka as Perfect Partners are part of everyday life.The authors well developed characters and amazing world building kept me glued to my tablet all night reading.Ann Christy has an amazing talent for revealing layers of a story slowly to bring you to a
This was, by far, the best short story I ve had the pleasure of reading Ann did an outstanding job writing this story, it had me hooked from the very beginning OH, and the ending, wow oh wow the ending was so not what I was expecting, it was incredible. I read this as part of the Robot Chronicles anthology It is a very good story Well written A good plot Interesting reading. Wow Good story Ann Christy really had me on this one I loved Hazel from the get go And, oh man the twist Needless to say I loved it I will need to try by this talented author