The Reputation Economy

The Reputation Economy In A World Where Technology Allows Companies To Gather, Aggregate And Analyze Data About Us That Includes Our Buying Habits, Our Financial Behavior, Our Professional And Personal Networks And Even Our Physical Whereabouts Our Digital Reputations Are Becoming Our Most Valuable Currency Whether You Like It Or Not, Everywhere You Go, Other People Will Be Able To Instantly Access Information About Your Reputation With Or Without Your Knowledge Or The Reputation Economy, Michael Fertik Reveals The Secrets Used To Optimize The Digital Reputations And Improve The Lives Of Millions Of Users Of Discover, Which Keywords To Include In Your Cv, Performance Review And Linkedin Profile To Ensure You Come Up At The Top Of Recruiters And Potential Employer S Search Results, How To Curate Your On And Offline Activity In Way That Will Reduce The Risk Profile And Therefore Your Premiums Calculated By Insurers How To Lure Venture Capital For Your Business Idea Or Startup, Court Low Interest Rates From Investors And Garner The Attention Of Tech Giants Like Google And Microsoft How To Hide The Negative Information Or Information That Doesn T Match How You Want To Be Perceived That S Out In The Ether There S Nothing You Can Do To Erase That Digital Footprint, But There Are Tricks You Can Use To Keep It From Being Discovered It Will Also Show How You Can Use All This Technology Evaluate Other S Reputations So You Always Know Who You Re Dealing With, Whether It S A Potential Employee, Investor Or Romantic Partner In Short, The Reputation Economy Will Show You How To Become Reputation Rich In A World Where Your Digital Reputation Is As Valuable As The Cash In Your Wallet. Essential read about how we all need to manage our digital reputations. I read this book three plus years after it was published and it still gave me a lot of ideas You become like the five people closest to you becomes even important when recognizing the impact it will have on your digital footprint. Apart from stressing the fact that your digital reputation is important which all of us know by now , several times in the book, I did not get much value out of this book In fact, the author asks you to do certain things to keep your image clear and shining and for me, that is an integrity issue. Poor writing, bad examples, panopticon touting neocon, perhaps

[PDF / Epub] ☄ The Reputation Economy  Author Michael Fertik –
  • Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • The Reputation Economy
  • Michael Fertik
  • English
  • 15 June 2019
  • 9780349406855