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Apostolic Church Planting Church Planting Is Not Just About Gathering New Communities Of People Who Are Already Christians In The Book Of Acts, Church Plants Begin With Sharing The Gospel Planting Churches Flows Naturally Out Of Making Disciples Pastor J D Payne Explains The Process And Stages Of Church Planting, With Biblical Foundations And Practical Steps For Planting Teams He Provides A Pathway For The Multiplication Of Disciples, Leaders And Churches Here Are Church Planting Strategies And Activities That Are Simple, Highly Reproducible And Can Be Implemented By Ordinary Team Members, Not Just By Charismatic Leaders This Guide Can Be Used For Planting In Contexts Among Any Given People Group, Domestically Or Internationally It Is An Ideal Resource For Teams To Work Through Together As They Follow God S Call In Their Community. This book was not exactly what I thought it was, but it was still very helpful This book was a recommendation from a friend that was given after a conversation about local church planting Very quickly I realized that this book was focused on planting a
In a world of a million different ideas on how to start a church, it s really nice to read something that actually takes a look at how things were done in the Bible, and then goes so far as to suggest that scripture should provide our model fo
This short book on church planting is a contribution to the conversation around disciple making movements DMM and Church Planting Movements CPM It offers a clear model, a clear pathway and a clear theology for the methods it outlines The strongest conviction that the book outlines is that new churches should come from new believers and that where you see groups of new believers come to faith in Jesus they should constitute a church This lays clear, steady and persistent focus on the call to evangelise and calls church planters to consistent efforts in sharing the gospel This is important, challenging and right JD Payne also keeps his focus fixed on unreached people groups and seeks to steer away primary resources and efforts going towards, let s call it, renewal church planting in places where there are already plenty of churches He reminds us that this may not mean leaving a country but could just as easily involve church planting in the same city just amongst a community or people group that is unreached Payne claims probably correctly but I don t have the sources to check that the majority of church planting efforts resources go towards the renewal effort not the unreached effort So his call to go to the unreached is important, challenging and right The basic model is, in essence, that a missionary team would be formed carefully selected and weeding out the uncalled or ungifted , the prepare and move to their field and begin shari
In his book, Apostolic Church Planting Birthing New Churches From New Believers, Dr J D Payne sets out complement his larger textbook, Discovering Church Planting An Introduction to the Whats, Whys, and Hows of Global Church Planting with this much shorter book Payne also tries to answer additional questions and further mature ideas that were not as developed in the larger textbook Naturally, writes Payne, there is some overlap between the two If there weren t, you would be wise to question an author who writes two books on a subject with no continuity and much divergence in thought 9 Found throughout Apostolic Church Planting is the statement, For on _______ see chapter _______ in Discovering Church Planting Clearly the two books are highly tied, although both stand alone on the topic of church planting However, Apostolic Church Planting s illustrations are current, as to be expected not that Discovering Church Planting is out of date In addition, Apostolic Church Planting better address the need for apostolic planting in North America.Like every other book on church planting, Payne starts with the question, what is church planting Often, a person picking up a title that deals with church planting will already understand the answer to this question but it seems appropriate that Payne address this issue Given the slightly different approach, size, and nature of this book, it is possible that this title could be the first book a future planter or planting team reads on
A great, concise book on church planting Should be required reading for all church planters whether in the US or oversees. Great book that hits on the big ideas that go with church planting. Simple Good. Church planting is all the rage lately You can read books on it, you can go to conferences, attend denominational workshops on it Is there anything new to say on the subject J.D Payne didn t write Apostolic Church Planting Birthing New Churches From New Believers to say anything new Instead he calls would be church planters back to a biblical model of church planting patterned after the Apostle Paul 14 The heart of his model is simple evangelize an area, gather converts and baptize them, and identify as church 22 Identifying pastoral leaders, celebrating communion, having systems of discipline, good preaching, etc., are all necessary for a church s vitality and health, but Payne distinguishes between what the church is a local gathering of disciples from what it does the work of the ministry 26 27 So the four necessary components for church planting are sowers evangelists , seed the gospel , soil a culture, city or community and the Holy Spirit 19 20 That s it Simple right Difficult to implement, but conceptually simple Payne goes on to describe practices of plant team members, the stages of church planting and implied changes in leadership structures and development, methodology and ethical guidelines His discussion of the pha
Church planting is en vogue You can find books upon books on the subject and even conferences on the topic that draw 1000 s of attendees I have to admit my favorite one of these conferences is Exponential But most church planting isn t planting in the biblical sense Yes it s the start of new congregations, which is planting a church in some sense, but Biblical church planting consists of starting new local gatherings with an emphasis on the creation of new disciples At least that is what J.D Payne, pastor of church multiplication at Brook Hills, has to say Quite simply Payne defines church planting as, Evangelism that results in new churches.This really short book, which in some sense is a distillation of his longer book Discovering Church Planting An Introduction to the Whats, Whys, and Hows of Global Church Planting, is an attempt to provide the reader with the essential aspects practically and theologically that are necessary for doing church planting in a Biblical fashion.Payne begins with stressing the importance of nailing down your ecclesiology before you start planting He then provides the reader with a sort of pathway to planting as well as the st
I am so thankful for J.D Payne s influence in my life those few years ago at SBTS This work is excellent, and a must have for any person thinking or being influenced in church planting It s a small work and a good primer for his much larger work on church planting The problems explored in this book are very profound and it s accomplished without a harsh attitude J.D simply points his reader to scripture and stirs up a wonderful conversation piece The need for growth in the popular field of church planting is a necessity if new churches are going to be birthed Planters, put away your budgets, buildings and western ideas for just a moment and think about what your about t

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