In the Midst of a Storm

In the Midst of a Storm Discovering The Ill Health Of Their Aunt Gardner In Ireland, Elizabeth And Jane Bennett Set Out On An Ocean Voyage To Their Surprise, Bingley And Darcy Find They Are Passengers On The Same Ship Discovering Their Friendship Tested When Darcy Confesses His Actions To Separate His Friend From Miss Bennett In The Midst Of A Life Threatening Storm And Survival On A Remote Island, They Attempt To Forgive The Wrongs They Experienced Discovering Love And Second Chances, They Find Their Rescue Plagued With Manipulation And Misunderstanding At Every Turn An Unexplained Mysterious Illness And Past Relationships Test Their Love Will They Survive Or Will The Pressures Separate Them I gave up halfway throughUsing spellcheck in place of an editor is always a problem Also the words emulate and immolation are hardly interchangeable One means to act like someone else the other means to be burned alive Story line okay butSerious editing desperately needed I believe this to be the worst writing I have ever seen Immolate is not the same as emulate, for example Awful. TyposThere were so many typos in this book that many sentences were unreadable I gave up the attempt The plot was nonsensical too how many islands would have had unfriendly natives between England and Ireland In the Midst of a Storm A Pride and Prejudice VariationI thought the storyline was good, but there was many instances where words were left out of sentences causing meaning to be lost Much confusion about who the author was writing about, because opposite pronouns used within one sentence leaving the reader lost I also didn t enjoy Darcy s inability to tell his Aunt Matlock about Elizabeth and having put her through the angst of the town s lack of approval Having a story filled with four ladies of Miss Bingley s caliber, made it difficult to re
Interesting premise, lots of character insecurities, bad editing, VERY quick ending Don t botherLots of typos and missing words Didn t like the whiny change to Elizabeth s character Plot was way to easy to figure out Too much gratuitous sex.