The Chronocide Mission

The Chronocide Mission His Name Was Vladislav Kuznetsov, And He Had Been A Twenty One Year Old Student At Mount Harwell College In Mount Harwell, Ohio On A Friday Afternoon, March 24, 2001, He Succumbed To A Sudden Attack Of Spring Fever And Cut His Classes For A Stroll In A Public Park Near The Campus Even After Fifty Years And Several Hundred Centuries, He Remembered It As Vividly As Though It Had Happened An Hour Before It Was A Warm, Fresh Day With A Promise Of Spring The First Really Pleasant Day Of The Year After The Usual Vagaries Of A Midwest Winter He Strolled Leisurely Through The Park, Thinking With Shameless Delight Of The Stuffy Classrooms He Was Avoiding Eventually He Seated Himself On A Patch Of Greening Grass With A Convenient Tree To Lean Against And Enjoyed The Soft Breeze And The Peaceful Surroundings While He Absently Whittled On A Twig He Had Picked Up He Felt Sleepy Probably He Dozed Off Then Came A Tremendous Jerk, Like Having A Chair Pulled From Under Him At The Same Instant That A Truck Hit Him, And He Almost Lost Consciousness He Landed With A Painful Bump And Skidded For A Short Distance Along A Very Rough Wood Floor For A Moment He Sat Gazing About Him Dazedly He Had Been Abruptly Translated From His Seat On The Ground In A Pleasant Park On A Lovely Spring Day To A Seat On A Wood Floor In A Large, Dim Room With A Thunderstorm Raging Outside He Had A Distinct Impression That The Two Scenes Had Been Linked By An Earthquake He Tried Hard To Focus His Thoughts, Staring First At A Table Where A Candle Burned Brightly And Then At An Animal Tied To One Of The Table S Legs By A Short Leash It Was A Hairy Pig He Raised His Eyes To The Room S Two Small, Water Streaked Windows And Saw Nothing Beyond But Branches Swaying In A Strong Wind. I liked the writing, but after a quarter of the book I realized this was a go back in time to kill a guy to stop it happening plot I lost interest in the book altogether I I d known it was that kind of book I neve
It s Biggle s last book, and though it s completed in one sense, you can tell he wasn t really through with it Good ideas, less clever execution than usual from one of the great science fiction writers of the 20th century.

[Epub] ↠ The Chronocide Mission  Author Lloyd Biggle Jr. –
  • Hardcover
  • 308 pages
  • The Chronocide Mission
  • Lloyd Biggle Jr.
  • English
  • 12 March 2017
  • 1587156458