Mr Whats-His-Name (Texas Serendipity #1)

Mr Whats-His-Name (Texas Serendipity #1) In The World Of Mergers, Buyouts, And Takeovers, Tiffany Becomes The Acquisition In A Full Blown Battle For Love I, Tiffany Anne Gates, Am Strong And Resourceful, But When It Comes To Men I M At A Loss If I D Known A Fender Bender With Mr Most Eligible Bachelor, Aka, Matthew Thomas Ainsley The Third, Would Put My Heart In Jeopardy And Embroil Me In A Conspiracy, I Would Have Stayed Home Since I Ve Met Mr Fender Binder, I Ve Been Fired, Unwittingly Hired As His Mother S Next Candidate, In A Long List Of Candidates, And Embroiled In A Little Payback With Mr Exec Of Course, His Method Of Getting Even Me And Now I Face A Dilemma. One car accident, one interfering mom, a hounded bachelor and a frustrated woman collide into each other s life.Tiffany Gates meets Matthew Thomas Ainsley the Third when he rear ends her VW bug Tiffany s day gets worse when her wallet is stolen while has fainted and she has to fend off a man s advances at work and gets fired The story line moves fast when Matthew asks her to be a pretend fiancee to get his mom off his back She finally has a ch