Planting Eli (Southern Tier Editions) (Southern Tier Editions)

Planting Eli (Southern Tier Editions) (Southern Tier Editions)Ed Dell Is Gay, Single, And Confidante To Goddess Oprah Winfrey At Least In His Fertile Imagination He Writes For A Chicago Newspaper, Caretakes His Ailing Parents, And Likes To Annoy His Snobbish Sister HIV Positive And Very Private, Ed Has Seen Better Days It Is 1996, The Year Of The Protease Inhibitor Sometimes Ed Thought Of His Life In Orchestral Terms, Of What Instrument Best Represented Him He D Grown Up Assuming He D Eventually Be Seated Among The Upper Brass, Displaying The Zeal And Bright Assurance Of A Coronet Then He D Age Into The Warmth And Wisdom And Emotional Depth Of A French Horn Yet Here He Was, Forty Years Old, Still Stagnating After Years In The Double Reeds, Emitting The Woeful Cries Of The English Horn, The Shrill Of The Oboe, The Bassoon S Impending Doom With The New Drugs Working And With Ed S Parental Obligations Miraculously Vanished He Suddenly, Surprisingly Has The Chance To Live Again If Only He Remembers How Then Three Men From Ed S Past Reenter His Life, And Each In His Own Way Instructs Ed In What It Means To Still Be Alive Enrique A Closeted TV Reporter And Ed S Ex Flame Wallace Once Ed S Best Friend, Now An AIDS Activist And AIDS Patient Eli A Former Friend For Whom Protease Inhibitors Came Too Late Planting Eli Is Genuine, Touching, And Very, Very Funny Jeff Black Brings Gentle Hilarity To The Challenges Of Coming Back From The Dead Planting Eli Is The Last Word In Resurrection Ethel Mertz Ed Dell is still alive.And he certainly didn t expect to be.But it is 1996 and the new protease inhibitors have kicked in and instead of looking forward to certain death from AIDS, Ed is now looking forward to life.A life he didn t think he would have.And now Ed needs to deal with living and all the frustration this brings His uncaring father has dropped dead in fragrante delicto with another married woman at his assisted living home His mother has made a sudden recovery from her near comatose existence His sister is still as selfish as ever and has left him to deal with the death of their father and the Lazurus like recovery of their mother, and has gone off to Bolivia with her possibly drug dealing husband.And there are friends from his past popping out of the woodwork like no man s business Ed has lived a life in anticipation of death and who could blame him He has lost a partner to AIDS and another to alcoholism but the death he was expecting fo himself will not now be arriving Ed now has all this freedom and opportunity but he
Another book from the Lambda awards for this year, this book is billed as a hysterically funny novel, a quick read, and what good novels used to be Well, not really It had a slow start and Jeff Black s attempts at humor fell a bit flat for me, but I ended up really likeing the novel It explores the experience of living HIV positive in a very realistic context The protagonist is a gay man who has a great career but not such a great love life he is still coming to terms with the psychological issues that confront HIV positive gay men who h

[Ebook] Planting Eli (Southern Tier Editions) (Southern Tier Editions) By Jeff Black –
  • Paperback
  • 173 pages
  • Planting Eli (Southern Tier Editions) (Southern Tier Editions)
  • Jeff Black
  • 10 March 2019
  • 9781560235989