The Tooth-Ache

The Tooth-Ache The Tooth Ache, Imagined By Horace Mayhew, And Realized By George Cruikshank Rear Panel Priced 1 6 Plain, 3 Colored And This Being The Colored 24 Panel, Fan Page Edition Description Small, 24mo Format, Heavy Tan Paper Boards One Of 5,000 Facsimile Copies Of Horace Mayhew S Uncommon 1849 1st Edition, 43 Panels. The Tooth Ache is a tiny little book, which was first published in 1849 It consists of a series of forty five comic cartoons which open out into a concertina, relating the story of one Victorian gentleman s experience of toothache The illustrations are hand coloured, wood engravings with humorous captions, as imagined by Horace Mayhew and realised, in wonderful caricature, by George Cruikshank.We follow the story as first of all the gentleman is in torment, tossing and turning with the pain of his tooth All round him feel his wrath, and he tries various popular remedies such as creosote, and a poultice in fact 240 infallible cures in all But all to no avail Unbearably miserable at being unable to eat the walnuts and filberts brought by a kind friend, he rushes to the dentist As the door opens, the pain magically disappears He is cured, and cannot sufficiently express his unbounded joy , leapfrogging a post in delight.However, this is premature, as the toothache returns in the night.Next morning the gentleman tries extreme remedies but still his toothache rages on Finally he decides he must return to the dentist, and sits in the waiting room surrounded by what appear to be strange instruments of torture and interesting reading material such as Paine on Man A scream from the next room sends him hurtling through the door again, but A strong feeling of shame pulls him back This strong feeling of shame see