Knowledge of God

Knowledge of God The Present Study Comprises Two Introductory Lectures In Orthodox Theology Written In A Reader Friendly Style With A Deliberate Attempt At Presenting The Spiritual Themes Of Orthodox Theology In A Clear And Simple Way, This Brief Book Will Benefit Anyone Interested In Eastern Christian Spirituality And The Study Of Orthodox Theology.Based On Holy Scripture And Patristic Teaching, This Short Study Refers To The Writings Of A Wide Variety Of Orthodox Theologians, Especially Those Of Eastern European Backgrounds This Book Is Also Original In That It Preserves Its Teaching Purpose By Maintaining A Practical Approach As Well As An Appropriate Level Of Language.KNOWLEDGE OF GOD Ancient Spirituality Of The Christian East Is Ideal For Any Layman Seeking To Introduce Himself To, Or Increase His Knowledge Of, The Patristic Approach To Christian Spirituality And Eastern Orthodox Theology. A wonderful, but short work on Orthodox gnosiology Dr Boosalis has a true talent for explaining patristic thought in terms for the semi read layman I highlighted selections in the book quite frequently.