The Book of the Lion

The Book of the LionWhen Professor Dominic Hallkyn Receives An Anonymous Phone Call Late One Night From A Voice Claiming To Possess A Priceless Chaucerian Manuscript Presumed Lost Forever, He Doesn T Know How To React.Such A Find Could Irrevocably Alter The History Of Literature, As Well As His Career, And Yet, He Can T Know If The Caller Is Legitimate Or Merely A Student Playing A Prank Hallkyn Soon Finds Himself In A Scramble To Meet The Caller S Demands, Culminating In Uncompromising Suspense And A Devilish Plot Twist Perry Takes His Readers On A Mad Dash Through The Twisting Streets Of Boston In A Struggle For This Unique Historic Artifact That May Be Doomed To Disappear From Historythis Time For Good. When Professor Dominic Hallkyn receives a phone call about the discovery of The Book of the Lion, a sort of Holy Grail in the literature world, he assumes it must be a prank When the caller demands millions not for the sale of the piece but to merely not destroy it Dominic has a great struggle on his han
Read all my reviews on Professor Dominic Halkyn gets a strange phone call from someone claiming to have a very very special medieval book in his possession To prevent the caller from destroying this book Dominic will have to meet his demands.For once, although this is only my third Bibliomysteries series books, I felt there really was a mystery to solve, which made for a nice change I also quite liked that there was than just the story, it also deals with some other questions, that I won t discuss now out of fear for spoiling At the end there is an although not that original interesting twis
Even though it can get pricey to grab them all, I do love this series not only for the plots, but it has introduced me to a few mystery authors that were new to me FYI Some libraries have them in their digital collection, including Freading, so check them if cost is an issue for such short books stories This one, based on Chaucer was really great thanks to reminding me that I need to A go to the Huntington Library to check out their copy because although I ve been there often when I lived nearby, I never knew that they had what is not now thought to be the second copy and B I adored The Canterbury Tales in high school even though the language was challenging WARNING, PERSONAL STORY AHEAD When I was in elementary school, I chipped my front tooth I m not going into how it happened because it was stupid and embarrassing With braces and everything soon following, my parents were loath to have it capped until they knew I wouldn t do something stupid again Still, it was embarrassing as a teen until my En
Another great short story in the bibliomystery series. The discovery of a lost Chaucer manuscript kicks off a scramble to protect it The ending was unexpected but works. Review BOOK OF THE LION by Thomas PerryYou don t need to be a scholar of Medieval Literature to love this story All you need is an appreciation of good writing and of a tautly, intricately, plotted mystery plot line Thomas Perry delivers exactly that, in a delicious mystery that will keep readers guessing to the very last page and then deliver an Oomph punch.The very best dream of a Chaucerian expert might be an undiscovered manuscript When such is offered to Professor Hallkyn, he ll
Part of a series of longish short stories which center on marvelous books, which is a great idea Thank you to the publisher, from whom, via Netgalley, I received this for an honest review This was nicely done a twisty story of suspense especially if you re of the target audience, a capital B Book
Imagine What if you had the chance to own one of the most sought after lost literary treasure a one of a kind from the 14 th century That s what Professor Dominic Hallkyn is offered for a lost book by one of the greatest writers in the world Geoffrey Chaucer.But the book is being held ransom the owner wants 5 million for not destroying this priceless copy.What would you do What does our medieval expert, Professor Halkyn do You ll have to jump on this amazing short story by one of the be
There is a lot of raw tension built up in this short story, and the storyline develops and unfolds in a way that it not unreasonable The final twist really isn t much of one, being rather a modest vari
An entertaining, easy and quick read, hard to put down during the half an hour that took me to read it, although I m afraid I found the end a bit disappointing as I was expecting a surprising twist.Recommended, especially if you are a fan of mystery books or of books about