The Long Road Ahead (The Land Girls of Home Farm #2)

The Long Road Ahead (The Land Girls of Home Farm #2) The War Might Be Over, But Trying To Get Life Back On Track Is Anything But Easy For Alice Watts Follow Alice S Journey Back To Post Blitz Bristol Where She Searches For Family, Friends, And One Particular Loved One, In A World Where It S Expected To Mend And Make Do And Where It S Sometimes Impossible To Put Your Heart Before Your Head A Tale Of True Courage And The Power Of Sheer Determination, This Un Put Downable Post WWII Set Saga Is Filled With Warmth, Humour And Heart Wrenching Emotion Perfect For Fans Of Nadine Dorries, Katie Flynn And Dilly Court Previous Books In The Home Land Farm Girls Series Book 1 Letters To Alice The premise of this book, I think, was 3 girls that became friends during the war and their lives after that Alice is the main character and her 2 friends are Evie and Fay This is an ok book but to me it lacks substance The reader is told some things in great detail an example the necklace her Mother had given her but then it is never mentioned again I felt lik
I really liked Letters from Alice in spite of the rather spotty writing perhaps a new editor , so I was very excited to read this book to discover what happens with the three wise monkeys I was so disappointed What could have been a really good story by developing the characters and letting the reader get to know each one be
Book 2 of 2, the first one I read straight before this one is Letters to Alice This second book follows the story of Alice her land girl friends Eve and Fay Easy read but a bit schmaltzy and all too good to be true. The Long Road Ahead, is a novel written by Rosie James It is a wonderful story about frienship, family, and love.The story is about Alice Watts In the beginning of the story, we learn about Alice s precious lettersletters written to her by her best friends, Evie and Fay, and also from her beloved Samuel She has carefully taken care of these letters for than twenty years These letters mean the world to Alice, especially since they basically tell her story It is through Alice s letters that the story of her past is primarily told Things are revealed about her friendships, her fiance, and family Through past and present, the story unfolds and makes for an emotional tale at times The author uses very vivid details in some parts of the book, but I wish she would have used it throughout the book to make the story come to life I enjoyed reading this story, but felt I didn t connect the
This book is ok It was very long drawn out, so became a bit boring The book is I think the second in a series and there was an awful lot in it referring to the past Alice, Evie and Fay met when they were land girls World War 2 is over and Alice is gettin
i really enjoyed this well written novel and liked the plot device of the letters This isn t a big splashy novel but rather one with small heartfelt twists that make it very readable and realistic thanks to NETGALLEY for t