Fairytales Slashed Volume 6

Fairytales Slashed Volume 6Eight Tales Of The Lost, Forgotten, Ignored, And Overlooked The Red Shoes Angel Propps The Victim Of Downsizing, Stuck Working For A Miserable Boss At A Fancy Boutique, Karen Is Forced To Work Late One Night While Stocking, She Comes Across A Pair Of Stunning Red Stilettos That She Can T Resist Putting On Or Anything Else That They Urge Her To Do True Love Diana Jean Gaius, Much To The Frustration Of His Mother, Has Always Worked Hard To Lead A Drama Free Life Avoid Royal Conflict, Stay Far Away From Court Gossip, Accept The Unglamorous Position Of Head Librarian At The Royal College Apparently All It Takes To Ruin A Lifetime Of Effort Is A Charmed Ring, A Sovereign, And A Princess At Least His Mother Will Be Pleased The Pig Hunt Sandra Bard Clint Knows That Lucian Wolf Is To Blame For The Destruction Of His Brothers Home, But Confronting Him On The Matter Turns Up Complications The Situation Is Not Helped By The Way Lucian Starts Turning Up On His Doorstep, Because No Matter How Nice He Appears, The Rich, Handsome Ones Never Go For Fat, Unremarkable Clint The Dragon Of Bellerose Island Sasha L Miller Politics Are Dangerous, A Fact Leandre Failed To Appreciate Until Too Late Kidnapped By His Rival, And Abandoned On The Mysterious Bellerose Island, He Expects To Be One Body That No One Will Ever Find But He Didn T Expect The Island S Sole Occupant The White Cat H.R Harrison When Their Ailing Father Bids His Sons Complete Three Tasks To Decide Who Will Inherit The Throne, The First Two Are Decidedly Unhappy, But Yufitri Is Ecstatic At The Chance To Go Adventuring And Escape His Oppressive Family Far Beyond The Northern Sea, He Explores A Land Like Nothing He S Ever Encountered, And Finds A Mysterious White Cat Who Causes Him To Question What It Is He Really Wants Bad Romance Remy Jensen The Kingdom Of Ontovia Is At War With The Neighboring Terra Prince Adrian S Father Has Kept Him Hidden Away For His Own Safety, But Adrian Lives A Secret Life That Includes A Weakness For Attractive Men And A Penchant For Domination During One Of His Illicit Trysts, Adrian Captures The Interest Of A Young Man From Terra The Man Invites Him To Become The Sexual Consort Of The Enemy King, But The Opportunity To Get Close To The Enemy To Destroy Him Instead Proves To Be A Battle That Anyone Could Win Or Everyone Could Lose Tommelise Diana Jean Unexpectedly Made Lady In Waiting To Tommelise, A Girl No Larger Than A Thumb, Cecile Quickly Learns That The Girl She Grew Up Hearing About Is In Reality Nothing But A Spoiled Brat But Cecile Is One Of Seven Daughters, And Her Place Is Precarious At Best If She Cannot Manage To Build A Life Serving A Spoiled, Ungrateful Princess, She Ll Be Shipped Off To Suffer An Even Worse Fate The Cursebreaker Sasha L Miller Heart Is A Cursebreaker, And Good At What He Does But Cursebreaking Isn T Exactly A Thriving Business, Which Means Between Jobs He Makes Charms To Sell In His Gaudy Shop Cursebreaking Can Also Be A Dangerous Job, One That S Left Heart To Learn The Hard Way That No Matter How Much Ace Professes To Be An Earnest Suitor, He Ll Eventually Change His Mind Just Like All The Rest The Red Shoes Angel Propps f f, jumped to end True Love Diana Jean m m, skimmed then finally jumped to end I think this a sequel to the author s previous story in vol five The Pig Hunt Sandra Bard m m, mostly read, skimmed a bit Not sure what I felt while reading this one except I didn t dislike it Could be I m overly sensitive to fat people in books and how they re treated and treat themselves The Dragon of Bellerose Island Sasha L Miller m m, read the whole thing, enjoyed it but it felt like there wasn t a real plot Not the most exciting read or intimate The White Cat H.R Harrison m m, read the whole thing I like the fairytale this is based on and how they compensated for the romance being between two men instead of a man and a woman Bad Romance Remy Jensen m m, jumped to the end, mostly because I hate this plot you know pretending to be someone else in order to betray the enemy that of course you fall in love with Tommelise Diana Jean f f,
The Red Shoes Angel Propps did not readNot a fan of f fTrue Love Diana Jean I liked it, though I found the resolution a little lacklusterThe Pig Hunt Sandra Bard A different spin on The Three Little Pigs with two dimensional characters and a weird focus on the main character s weightThe Dragon of Bellerose Island Sasha L Miller Strong start, but quickly turned bland and genericThe White Cat H.R Harrison Well written, but lacking in any real conflictBad Romance
An interesting collection of gay and lesbian fairytales, some better than others It could use some serious copy editing though, based on the number of typos I found. Original review on Molly LollyThis anthology was so much fun Taking fairytales and making them a little bit naughty, or with a twist My favorite kinds of stories I m going to have to go back and read the first five anthologies, but I also hope there will be There are tons of fairytales out there that need updating.Overall Stars Four and a halfThe Red Shoes by Angel ProppsNot going to lie This story was the sole reason I wanted to read this anthology It s a very interesting spin on my favorite fairy tale of all times Part of me says it should have been tragic like the original and other adaptations But the other part thinks it s wonderful there wasn t a horrible and sad ending I liked how the relationship between Jess and Karen progressed I also liked that Jess stood up to Karen and let her know it wasn t cool to run out without saying goodbye, even if she was asleep The story ended on a solid happy for now with plenty of faith in their future together I d be very interested to see from these two ladies, even if the shoes don t play a part in the storyStars FourTrue Love by Diana JeanI truly didn t think Art and Gaius were going to get together at first They were so wonderful together I love that they started as friends I couldn t put this story down because I had to see how it end
This collection of re imagined fairytales is a fun, fantasy filled read with plenty of humour and romance and even some spicy scenes along the way Most of them are M M relationships, but there are two F F ones to also enjoy.The Red Shoes is a modern day Cinderella about a woman working for a tyrannical shop owner, the mischievous magical shoes she tries on one night and the woman she soon falls in love with There are no pumpkins in this tale, just a couple of early morning escapes to avoid being late for work It s sweet and fun to read, with a little bit of heat, but the magic content is light and it didn t really grab me too much.True Love could have been a cute, enjoyable tale about a librarian, a king and an enchanted ring that signals when the wearer s true love has been found However, I really didn t like the writing style where past scenes were dropped into the plot, disrupting the flow of things and sometimes turning out to be much interesting than the main story Which is a shame, because if it had been linear I would have really enjoyed it.The Pig Hunt is a great take on the Three Little Pigs, with magical towers throwing out vibrations that knock houses down or do they It s fun and a bit silly in places, with an atypical hero and a big bad wolf mage with a penchant for stealing kisses While I really enjoyed the fairy tale aspect, I have to admi
Whew There are 8 stories in this collection, and I m just going to be quick about this and talk a bit about my favorites But first, overall impressions As an anthology, you generally have a mix, not just of stories, but of styles and writing ability I thought all the stories here were well written, and the ones I didn t like as much had to do with the story s plot than the writing or characters.My absolute favorite in this collection was The Pig Hint by Sandra Bard I loved this rendition of the three little pigs, complete with a large as in soft around the middle family Clint has self esteem issues with his weight, and it was wonderful to see him grow past that, and realize that Lucian Wolfe happens to like pudge on his men I really enjoyed the magic in the real world elements to it, and how everything fit together rather perfectly.I also really enjoyed Tommelise by Diana Jean, a retelling of Thumbelina, complete with a sassy, spoiled princess, True Love, also by Jean, where I absolutely loved the crush the king had on the librarian for years and years The White Cat by H.R Harrison was an interesting interpretation of classic fairy tales, pulling from Puss in Boots and Beauty and the Beast, along with others I didn t immediately recognize I particularly liked the touch of the first prince coming from a foreign country, likely in the Middle East, and the cat being an albino from the northern lands Russia, Norway, etc And The Dragon of Bel
I only read the MM ones True Love by Diana Jean was friends to lovers story and it was alright The Pig Hunt by Sandra Bard was my favorite because it s funny and had Cinderfella feel The Dragon of Bellerose Island by Sasha L Miller was okay, both MCs were not cool enough for me The White Cat by H.R Harrison was my second favorite because it really felt like a slashed fairy tale and enjoyable to read
Fairytales Slashed, Volume 6 by Angel Propps, Diana Jean, H.R Harrison, Remy Jensen, Sandra Bard, Sasha L Miller Fairytales Slashed 6 was a strong collection of stories While not all of them were to my taste, overall it was quite a good read and the quality is consistent despite the range in styles I particularly enjoyed The White Cat and Tommelise. Loved the imaginative way in which the authors retold elements of traditional fairy stories Very easy to get lost in the pages and stay up late needing to know what happened next.