Existential Therapies

Existential TherapiesOne Can Only Applaud The Bravery Of An Author Who Gently Send Up Kierkegaard S Wilful Obscurantism And Cleans Out The Acrid Smoke Of Gauloises From The Room With Welcome Clarity And Sanity, Mick Cooper Efficiently Lays Out The Concepts, Techniques And Directions Adopted By Several Key Figures In The Broad Field Of Existentially Informed Psychotherapy In An Excellent First Chapter, Mick Cooper Pointed Out My Ontic From My Ontological And I Could See, Behind The Long Words With Dashes, The True Resonance Of These Ideas With Real Human And Therapeutic Issues, Dilemmas And GoalsClinical PsychologyThis Book Proves To Be A Real Treasure Chest What You Always Wanted To Know About Existential Psychotherapy But Failed To Find Anywhere Else In Such A Comprehensive, Clear And Concise Manner In That Sense, This Publication Provides A Missing Link One Merit Of The Book Is Its Systematic Structure As Extensive, And In Part As Heterogeneous As Existential Philosophy And Therapy Also Maybe, Mick Cooper Had Nevertheless Been Able To Build Convincing Clusters With, On The One Hand, An Enormous Understanding Of Details And, On The Other, A Far Sightedness That, Like A Map, Provides Orientation In The Diversity Of Existential Therapy I Really Appreciate This Publication And Can Recommend It Very Strongly Person Centred And Experiential Psychotherapies Existential Therapies Will I Suspect, Suddenly Make Existentialism Come Alive The Author, Mick Cooper Loves His Subject, It Fascinates And Enthrals Him, And We Get To Experience Some Of That, Even Though The Book Is Academic The Connections And Overlaps With Person Centred Psychology Are There For Us To Be, But So Are The DifferencesPerson Centred Practice As An Overview Of A Number Of Different Existential Therapies The Book Is Extremely Welcome And Manages In A Relatively Short Space To Cover A Wide Arena Overall I Rate The Book Highly To Pull Together A Large And Somewhat Disparate Literature, Then Make Sense Of It And Finally Retains The Reader S Interest, Is Difficult Existential Analysis Mick Cooper Has Done An Impressive Job In Writing A Much Needed, Current And User Friendly Survey Of The Field Of Existential Therapies If I Were To Teach This Course, I Would Use This Book I Applaud Mick Cooper For Having Admirably Achieved The Aim He Set Out To Achieve All This Makes Mick Cooper S Book A Must Read For Anyone Wishing To Explore The Topic Of Existential Therapy Society For Laingian Studies Website What Makes This Book Unique Is That All The Different Strands Of Existential Philosophy Are Always Clearly Linked To PracticeCounselling And Psychotherapy Journal This Is A Very Fresh Book, Not Treading Well Worn Paths And Genuinely Informing Us About A Small But Important Field This Is Really An Indispensable Book For Anyone Who Wants To Understand Existentialist Approaches To Therapy Self And Society This Publication Marks A Milestone Providing An Excellent, Clear And Critical Overview Of The Contrasting Forms Of The Approach As It Is Currently Practised Emmy Van Deurzen, New School Of Psychotherapy And Counselling, Schiller University, London This Is A Book Of Superb Thoroughness And Scholarship An Unprecedented Guide To Existential Therapy S Chief Positions And Controversies Kirk J Schneider, President Of The Existential Humanistic Institute, USA Combines Scholarship With A Writing Style That Makes Difficult Concepts Accessible This Book Should Be Required Reading On Any Course Where The Existential Tradition Plays A Part, And That Includes Person Centred Courses And All Sympathetic To The Idea That Psychotherapy Is, In Essence, A Human Encounter Where Warmth, Understanding And A Deep Respect For The Individual Are Key Values Tony Merry, University Of East London What Does It Mean To Practice In An Existential Way What Are The Different Existential Approaches What Are Their Strengths And Limitations Existential Therapies Addresses These Key Questions, And , By Providing Students And Practitioners With An Invaluable Introduction To The Diverse And Multifaceted World Of Existential Therapeutic Practices.Focusing On Practical, Face To Face Work With Clients, The Book Introduces Readers To Six Key Existential Therapies Discusses Key Figures And Their Contributions, Including Irvin Yalom, Emmy Van Deurzen, Ernesto Spinelli, Viktor Frankl And R D Laing Compares And Contrasts The Various Approaches,highlighting Areas Of Commonality And Difference Outlines Key Debates Within The Existential Therapy Field Provides Detailed Suggestions For Further ReadingExistential Therapies Offers Students And Practitioners Of All Orientations Much That They Can Incorporate Into Their Own Therapeutic Work, And Each Approach Is Vividly Brought To Life Through Therapist Client Dialogues And Case Studies Written In An Accessible, Warm, And Engaging Manner, Existential Therapies Is An Essential Introduction To This Rich, Vibrant And Stimulating Field. The best introduction to the current schools of existential therapies being practiced today Not a how to manual, rather a very accessible overview More than worth the time and money. . An excellent introduction to a relatively new school of modern psychotherapy Even though existential philosophy and its relevant inquiry have been influencing the world of therapy from its very beginning, most of the schools or approaches described in Mic
Cooper provides a fitting summary of the content readers may expect First, to introduce the reader to the rich tapestry of existential therapies second, to provide readers with ideas and practices that they can incorporate into their own work third, to help readers identify and follow up areas of existential therapy that are of particular interest to them and fourth, to contribute to a range of debates within the existential therapy field This is a quick, basic overview of existential theories and their applications to therapy However, it is just that, an introduction This book was not designed, nor should it be used as a therapeutic manual Out of all 4 goals Cooper had for this text, he does a particularly good job addressing the third goal, helping readers identify and follow up on areas they find interesting Key words follow up So if you are looking for a general introduction to exis
I keep looking for a book that really helps me pull all the various ideas from the differing existential therapies into one whole This book I think put the nail in the coffin of that thinking as I honestly have now realized I think it s impossible And although I really like some ideas of many of the various thinkers in this area, I think it s really just a matter of figuring what is going to work for you as an individual therapist and then pulling from what resonates In some ways this b
I only read up until Gestalt therapy, but it seemed like a good book to look up things related to existential therapy Cooper seems to have a very good overview of the field, with several obscure references that you need to be a professiona
This book is an absolute must read for anyone interested in existential psychotherapy It is a concise, clear explanation of the largest schools of existential therapy along with essential reading material I read it to write a paper and not one second of it felt like work. Didnt finish, didnt engage me.

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  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • Existential Therapies
  • Mick Cooper
  • English
  • 16 July 2017
  • 9780761973218