Miss Match (No Match for Love #1)

Miss Match (No Match for Love #1) Billionaire CEO Luke Ryder Doesn T Want To Hire His Best Friend, Brooke, As His Matchmaker Not When He S Been In Love With Her For Eight Years Too Bad She Doesn T See Him As Relationship Material And Is Engaged To Another Man If The Matchmaking Company She Works For Closes, Brooke Is Out Of A Job, And Luke Is Out A Best Friend There Will Be Nothing Stopping Her From Moving To Italy With Her Fianc And Luke Isn T About To Let That Happen.Brooke S Dream Career May Be Crumbling, And She Will Do Anything To Keep Toujour In The Black Even Recruit Luke, America S Favorite Bachelor, As Her Next Client Surely His Perfect Smile And Swollen Bank Account Will Send Clients Swarming To Their Doors But When Matching Up Luke Works A Little Too Well, Brooke Wonders If She S With The Right Man Maybe She Should Finally Forget Luke S Playboy Image And Admit He S Changed All Brooke Has To Decide Is If She S Willing To Risk Her Heart. I wanted to like this book than I did Its not the writing, cause it was great I guess it was because I had trouble liking the heroine Luke has been in love with her since high school but she stuck him in the friend zone I can see why since he was a bit of a player But she made all these rules and if he breaks one he gets the silent treatment She kinda comes across as too controlling to be a friend Then she lets her boyfriend dic
There s just something fun about matchmaking books that I really enjoy reading them Maybe it takes me back to all the fun ok maybe stress of the college dating scene and trying to survive some of those crazy dates that everyone sets you up on Hee Hee There were fun ones amidst the crazy ones for sure, like the elimi date that I went on it was for a good cause, a charity fundraiser or the scavenger hunt where we ended up breaking down in the vehicle and trying to figure out how to fix it really late at night, or trying to be taught how to drive a moped ummmm, yeah I just can t, not even motorcycles oh that was a fiasco But hey there s lots of great memories involved though Ok back on task to the book review instead of a trip down memory lane I ve been visiting family the last several weeks so maybe that s where all these memories and nostalgia are coming from Brooke and Luke have their story in this book of the No Match for Love series In the prequel novella, they meet and set some boundaries and rules for each other but never seriously date Now years later, they are both at different points in their careers and in different relationships and different life struggles have continued coming both of their ways Luke is reeling from the de
Loved this one Fun story line There were a couple times the story lagged a little and I wished it would move on at a faster pace Brooke was so darn stubborn but overall very enjoyable.Content Clean, no sex, no language, no innuendo There is however some implied content although never any details,
Audio review I just finished the prequel which I would highly recommend reading listening to first so the reader is up to speed where I met the main characters and the situation It was cute, but also showed that there would be tough times for romance between the main players to win out so in I dove for the rest of the story This story takes place eight years after the prequel Some things haven t changed while others Brooke has her friend rules clutched tightly before her keeping Luke at the distance she needs to keep him even though she refuses to discuss or analyze why He has to stay in the friend camp or it will destroy everything or so she thinks Besides, Brooke has a fiance and she loves him loves him, she tells herself and everyone else who doubt this Antonio is perfect since the computer has them matched at like 70% And besides, Luke is a player just like her womanizing dad who is on his third marriage break up and kids left hurt by a dad who cheats just like she Yeah, he s a player because every time she turns around Luke s with a different woman and she won t listen to everyone and I do mean everyone telling her that Luke is her perfect match and he can t make a relationship work because he is hung up on her She needs to grasp at the perfect match with Antonio and move with him to Italy e
I m not sure what to say about this one I enjoyed the prequel I read a few weeks ago, Meet Your Match and seeing how Luke and Brooke met, but I wasn t entirely happy with how the story plays out Firstly, I have to say, I thought the book was well written It kept me interested and I wanted to continue reading to see how things would play out, I just didn t love the plot Actually, to be specific, I like friends to lovers stories, just not when its done like this Brooke and Luke have been BFFs for eight years, and even though they date other people, they are each others Number One It s not fair to your significant other if you are always putting someone else above them I didn t like Brooke Her dad is always jumping from one relationship to another Brooke is scared of ending up with someone like him She meets Antonio through being matched at her work and is actually engaged to be married I actually think she could have been really happy with him if she had given him a real chance I liked Antonio and thought he got a bad rap for nothing He loves Brooke and wants to make a life with her, but Luke is always in the way Brooke treats Antonio like crap and yet her friends and Luke are always putting Antonio down I didn t get it, he was way understand
Started this right after the novella prequeljust didn t want to pursue it when right off the bat in the first chapter Luke is heading to the bar to drown his sorrows, meets up with an ex girlfriend they start drinking and he is about to go home with her when his BFF shows up and drags him home I have to admit that I really enjoyed this book I could not put it down and read it in one night HOWEVER it also frustrated me SO SO much Unlike it s prequel Meet your match , I thought this book was suitable for older teenagers and young adults rather than younger readers It was clean in the sense that there were no sex scenes, but it was implied that the main characters were in sexual relationships.I was quite eager to find out what happened between Brooke and Luke after they became good friends in Meet your match I could not believe that eight years later, these two characters in their mid 20s were still ONLY friends It was hinted in the first book that, despite Brooke s silly rules, she was attracted to Luke and only wanted to remain friends so they would not end up hurting each other Years later, Luke was still madly in love with Brooke, yet they had never kissed once and he had never revealed his true feelings to her How could any man follow a woman s friends only rules for eight years while pining for her the whole time His excuses for not letting his feelings known over the years were lame For goodness sake, she was his best friend, so HE KNEW what she wanted from a man a stable relationship, a trustworthy guy, so why didn t he prove to her that he was that man He did the exact opposite with his meaningless, short lived relationships Why wait until the girl you love is about to marry another man before telling her you love her Ugh S
I liked this book I was engaged and I couldn t help but keep on reading even when I was frustrated to no end by Brooke And that was pretty much the whole book I don t think the guys in this book had a fair deal and I honestly couldn t see what they loved so much about Brooke She frustrated them both Or maybe she just frustrated me I don t know I liked this but I didn t But I did Ha.Content There are references to people sleeping around and sexual relationships Nothi
What a sweet story about long time friends realizing they re in love Actually it was the girl realizing she had fallen for her best friend Luke sounds like the perfect boyfriend and not just because he s gorgeous and a billionaire He s thoughtful, knows how to make you laugh and is always there when you need him I think deep down in her heart Brooke knew she was in love with Luke, but was scared to admit it Her parents divorce, because of her dad s affair, really messed her up, and her mom s constant men can t be trusted made Brooke skittish She was afraid if she and Luke didn t work out she d lose her best friend.As for Brooke s fiance, Antonio, I didn t like him from the beginning He didn t support her friendship with Luke, who she had been friends with since high school, and he treated her career as if it didn t matter that his was important I m glad she caught him with another woman because it relieved any guilt she may have had over breaking their enga
Miss Match No Match for Love 1 Spoilers.https ladiikeiii.wordpress.com 2017Miss Match, was actually a good book I was rooting for Luke to get his girl, and finally, he did Took Brooke, long enough to actually give into her feelings and actually go for what she wants, and in the beginning, I figured that her future ex husband may