A Cue to a Kill (Stage Door #2.5)

A Cue to a Kill (Stage Door #2.5) The Show Must Go On But Can It, When One Of The Actors Has A Cue To A Kill Backstage At The Last Night Performance Of The Murder Mystery Play Bone Chiller, A Real Life Killer Is Stalking The Corridors Of The Theater.The Goose Meadow Bay Players Halloween Production Has Been Declared An Artistic Success By Enthralled Audiences, But Onstage And Backstage The Cast And Crew Are Just A Little Bit Bored.On The Last Night, One Of The Actors Has A Great Idea To Liven Things Up And Everything Seems Harmless Enough, But Then An Attempt Is Made On One Actor S Life Not Long After That, Another Goes Missing.With The Audience S Laughter Ringing In Their Ears, The Cast Are Intent On Stardom Than Finding The Potential Murderer Lurking Amongst Them Can Kath Keep The Show Running, The Cast Safe And Make Sure The Killer Sticks To The Script This Is A Cozy Mystery Short Read In The Stage Door Series. A very short and enjoyable read A murder mystery production at a local theatre turns into a night of actual attempted murder mystery A fun read As an amateur dramatist myself I thoroughly enjoyed this story and will be checking out the rest This cozy short mystery focuses on a group of actors on the final night of their most recent production and mayhem begins backstage just before the curtain rises I enjoyed the story told from the point of view of the props man
A gripping readThis was a hard book to stop reading Only thing that could have been better, is if we were lead to think the killer was someone else to begin with as it did seem a bit like you knew who it was going to be from the start.Still a good read though This short cozy mystery is a hoot It involves a theater company putting on a murder mystery, while someone keeps trying to kill one of the actresssfor real It reminded me very much of the movie Clue with all the running around from one end of the theater to the other trying to keep actors on cue it s the l
A fun read I didn t think I would like this, but I DID Fun and easy read I could just see my high school group doing this in a play Our senior play was just this much fun.without the hurting others part I secretly replaced the medicine in our play with beer We
Hysterically funnyThe end was an absolute riot my hysterical laughing literally woke up my kids in the next room It s been a long time since I has so much fun reading a murder story Keep up the good work I give this 3.5 stars.This was a humorous short story centering around a small town s local theatre group and a murderous mystery The author did a wonderful job of immersing the reader right into the thick of the action with a varied assortment of the cheery,
An interesting premise and an overall well written story However, it starts out really slow, which is especially harmful for such a short story The ending, however, is rushed and anticlimactic. I ve heard the phrase, The show must go on, but when there is even the slightest chance there is a killer on the lose it s time for the curtains to close and authorities to be called. Exactly what i wanted Cozy and fun