Running Backward

Running Backward When Dulcie Brannam Asks Her Cousin To Stay For The Week, She Inadvertently Invites Her Former High School Boyfriend But With Her Baby Sister S Wedding Just One Week Away, Dulcie Doesn T Have Time To Worry About Her Surprise Guest She Has Bigger Problems, Including Sunday Morning Nursery Duty, Misdated Wedding Programs, And 10 Dozen Broken Eggs.Laid Off From Her Marketing Job And Married To A Workaholic Worrier, It S No Wonder She S Nearly Thirty And Childless With Her Dreams Of Motherhood In Limbo, She S An Easy Target For Her Old Boyfriend S Flirtatious Advances Will His Weeklong Stay Prove Too Long For Her Already Strained Marriage This book is a good romantic christian read of temptation Will she fall into this temptation will an old boyfriend or will she to do the right thing Can her marriage be saved The author has done a good job with this storyline and its charactors I must read another book by t
I really enjoyed reading this book It was well written and accurately captured life in a midwest small town I liked the way the author explored the relationships in the book It was an easy, fun read with a good message. What a refreshing and wonderful book It kept my interest, the characters are great and down to earth Loved the setting Looking forward to from this author. This is a good read It is a great reminder of how easily we can get distracted and lose focus on our life and relationships, but as long as we put it in God s hands, He can put it back on track. Running Backward is a Christian chick lit novel set in small town Indiana The environment is well depicted the outdated fixtures and decor of the protagonist s house, along with her well intended but unrealized plans for renovation, are realistic and relatable as is the notion that real life does not always unfold according to plan.The scandalousness threshold is fairly low this novel is suitable for the reader seeking a bit of drama and romantic tension without gratuitousness or vulgarity The novel is firmly rooted in traditional Christian values, illustrating the casual and not so casual importance of Christianity in everyday life.The secular reader may feel disconnected from the low key passions and the spiritual family dynamics of the novel The atheist tomboy reader may scream out loud a few times.The protagonist s angst o
Running Backward caught me by surprise This is one of the first faith based books that I have read that addresses the issue of a temptation and struggles within a marriage, as most tend to be focused on the single woman Dulcie is facing a former boyfriend, a struggle to build her family and a career that is stuck in limbo At times I found myself wanting to sit down and have a talk with Dulcie about her life and the way things were going, but I think her struggles were well reflected in the title of the book Sometimes we all face challenges and it is how we handle them that makes the difference The faith element is lightly sprinkled into the breezy story but there is eno
This is the story of a salt of the earth family living with faith, love, and humor in a small Indiana town They live in flyover country but they haven t escaped the trials of contemporary life in the USA I like this family I hope their story continues in future books I have rea
A good clean Christian romance Will the main character allow herself to cross the line when an old boy friend from high school arrives on the scene Good writing with believable characters and real life situations My fir