Japan's Longest Day

Japan's Longest DayMany Books Have Been Written About Japan S Surrender In World War II, But The Definitive Story Can Only Be Told By The Japanese Themselves This Brilliant Reconstruction Of The Bitter Hours Preceding The Surrender Announcement Of Emperor Hirohito Is Based On Material Compiled By The Pacific War Research Society, A Panel Of Distinguished Japanese Authors And Journalists In Minute And Vivid Detail It Relates The History Making Events Of The Brief Twenty Four Hour Period Before The Emperor S Broadcast That Changed The Course Of Nations And The Lives Of Millions.During Those Hours While Hot Blooded Young Army Officers Were In Violent Conflict About Whether To Surrender Or Not One Man, General Korechika Anami, Minister Of War, With His Indomitable Will And Loyalty, Stood Firm In His Conviction That The Emperor S Word Must Be Obeyed That Conviction Led Him To The Supreme Sacrifice, Sepukku, And His Country To Peace.Japan S Longest Day Is A Penetrating Document On The Tragic Personalities Who Played Out Their Last Great Roles On The Crumbling Stage That Was The Imperial Empire Of Japan. This book is about the events that took place in Tokyo twenty four hours before the then Emperor Hirohito s voice came over the Japanese airwaves proclaiming Japan s acceptance of the Potsdam Declaration and to admonish the Japanese people to suffer what is unsufferable Little did we know that the whole effort almost did not come to fruition because some elements within the Japanese Imperial Army were absolutely opposed to the idea of surrender and would rather see Japan totally destroyed This book, written by a group of Japanese historians went into the details of what various parties were doing in that twenty four hours, hour by hour.The book itself is short, and written like a suspense thriller than a record of history This makes it easy to read and for me, a hard one to put down Originally published in Japanese, the translation was admirably done, given that I could still detect the sentimental way of writing in parts of the book What makes this book successful is how, in the short length and easy style, it makes the reader reflect on the complex nature of the Japanese society, language, and psyche.Japan, by then, was already reduced to a country with its major cities destroyed, even if not by the atomic bomb, then by the fire bombs Her people have little, if anythi
Never meant to read this so soon after picking it up, but The Bells of Nagasaki, combined with my recent trip to Hiroshima and Nagasaki really kick started my interest in Japanese history Must admit I m ashamed it took so long.For having lived here as long as I have, I know shockingly little and like Bells this book raised questions than it answered for me and my copy is now dog eared and full of notes in the margins and it inspired me to buy a copy of Showa The Japan of Hirohito, which I did start tonight before realising that I need to do some net reading to get up to speed on the basics first But this is meant to be a review, not an account of my Japanese history knowledge, or lack thereof To start off, I m not addressing any of the propaganda, from either side, unless it directly relates to something in this book So no mokusatsu no theories on why the Bombs were dropped when if Japan had agreed to surrender The only people who could have answered those are long dead.August 15th, 1945 marked a climax in the h
This was a very intense book, outlining the events in Japan leading up to their surrender in WWII Previously, I had not known that a coup was attempted by a few radicals who were unable to let go of the war effort The portrait of the Minister of War is especially i
Fascinating Well done General Anami for holding it together The Emperor didn t do a bad job either. Interesting, great insight into the Japanese Military society that was ready to destroy Japan to prove their point, and the courage of the few generals and admirals who tried to stop them I feel this validated the American bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki because they
Very unique inside look at the 24 hours leading up to the surrender of the Empire of Japan, August, 1944 Little known fact the military very nearly overthrew the Emperor to keep him from surrendering to the Allies. Quite sad Terrific real world earlier example of Essence of Decision analysis. Too many characters Had to stop one third of the way through.

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