Against Her Will

Against Her Will Mark And His Wife Candy Are Returning To Las Vegas From Vacation In San Diego When Their Car Breaks Down Stranded And Thirsty, They Assume A Shop Owner Will Help Them But The Shop Owner Is Not Who He Appears To Be And They Soon Find Themselves On A Downward Spiral As Their Nightmare Blossoms Into Terrifying Reality Forced To Do Things They Would Have Never Considered Doing, Candy First, And Then Mark, Discover A Side Of Themselves Long Repressed As They Learn To Embrace The Submissive Sex Slave Inside Them They Uncover That The They Are Bound, The Free They Feel. It s crazy how books like this can be so disturbing to read, and yet the reader just cannot look away And how when the forced seduction started to break down the female lead to the point where she s starting to crave what s being done to her, how that can make the reader squirm This one definitely did that I ve never read anything quite like this story before What happened to the husband at the end was kind of unc
All sex, but it was certainly hot A couple is abducted by a man named Jacob, and while Jacob thoroughly dominates the wife, turning her own body against her, he makes the husband watch This goes on for days, and it s written entirely from the husband s perspective which I found interesting Candy, the wife, doesn t take long to convert into Jacob s little play
Mark and Candy are such a beautiful coupleSo conservativeBoth beautifulCar trouble leads them to a really different dark world that they never knew existed inside of each of them.This book is gloriousmDark EroticaBeautifully writtenJacob is amazingCandy loves himAny woman wouldButThe nightmare she thought she was in turns into mark s wet Drea to end all wet dreamsThere is such a beautiful twist at the end I m not going to spoil itButIt is an ending that needs a fertile endingFive dark dark star
Despite the title, the wife s transition is actually less dramatic interesting than the husband s move from rationalizing his wife s participation in her rape to accepting her sexual desires and finally to following her same path The story knows something about the erotic pivot from abhorrence fear to acceptance longing It raised severa
NoI did read the summary and reviews However, I want to read before I make a judgement on a book Exotic world I can handle Submissive men are a huge no I thought it was fluffy stuff for submissive men I was wrong Yes, I understand it a book Each to their own. Dark and edgy but what heat and build up You cheer for them and then get lost as she sides with her captor and his gift for her I m a big fan of Matthew Lee s novellas, and Against Her Will is no exception although the book represents a step onto the darker side for Lee Mark and Candy are held captive by a man who comes to hold Candy under his spell It s a dark story, full of nonconsensual sex and forms of torture In the end, the story isn t so simple as who s good and who s bad Lines blur for both Mark and Candy befo
Very well developed storyPerfect plot and excellent execution Stockholm Syndrome tied to erotic discovery MMfm A little nc but works for the story.