New York Nights

New York Nights When Dante Hughes, An Attractive Young College Student, Is Accused Of Rape, His Wealthy Father Hires Gaige Castile, The Most Sought After Defense Attorney In New York Gaige Quickly Tames Dante S Cocky Attitude But Is Intrigued By The Young Man S Seeming Vulnerability When Gaige Makes An Offer To Take Control, Dante Is Drawn Into His Attorney S Secret Life And Discovers That Gaige Has A Very Dark Past As The Defense Team Prepares For Dante S Case, Specters From Gaige S Youth Threaten His Happiness With Dante, And An Old Flame Proves To Be Too Close For Comfort From The Dark Underbelly Of The SM Club Scene To The Intrigue Of The Courtroom And Beyond, Gaige And Dante Struggle To Hold On To Their Love In A World Intent On Tearing Them Apart. If I could give this book 0 stars I would,believe me And I have never wrote that,neverThere are other books that I gave 1 star rating,but never,and I mean NEVER has some book pissed me off as this one did I don t know was it because of the book itself or because of the fact I just spend 10 bucks on this.I ll try to keep this review coherent as much as possible,but forgive me if I don t succeedDante,as you know from the blurb,got accused for rape,and his dad hired Gaige to defend himOn their second meeting,Gaige tells Dante that he won t defend him any because he didn t follow his instructions on behaving properly he didn t attend some program for drugs and stuff At this point you should know something about Dante he has never had any homosexual tendencies so far,and no experience in BDSM lifestyle whatsoever And do you know what he does when Gaige tells him that he won t defend him any He falls on his knees to beg him for another chance,on which Gaige asks him if he wants for Gaige to be his Master from now on,so he could lead him And you know what Dante says Yes,Master WHAT THE EVERLOVING F And that s how their relationship as lovers and Master and slave begins To say that Dante took his being suddenly gay and in BDSM relationship like fish in the water was putting it mildly You can t just do that Nobody decides in a matter of seconds that he is gay AND SUBMISSIVE This was my first DNF point My second issue is Gaige s former Master J