Functional Design for 3D Printing

Functional Design for 3D Printing 3D Printing Is Changing The Way We Think About Design, Distribution, And Manufacturing By Bringing The Factory To The Desktop, This Technology Opens The Door To A Multitude Of New Opportunities And Challenges, From The Boardroom To The Drawing Board.Designing Every Day Useful Products For This Medium Poses Some Unique Challenges, And Blends The Role Of Designer And Engineer In Functional Design For 3D Printing, The Author Shows How To Leverage The Strengths Of The Medium, While Avoiding The Pitfalls Of The FFM Manufacturing Process From The Selection Of Printing Materials To Design Details That Will Tolerate The Design To Printing Process, This Book Gives The Reader The Tools Necessary To Transform Their Ideas Into Durable, Useful Products That Will Print Reliably On A Wide Variety Of Platforms.Written For The Designer With 3D Printing Experience, The Straightforward Presentation Also Makes It Useful As A Secondary Reference For The Advancing Novice.Functional Design For 3D Printing Will Help You To Incorporate Design Practices That Open Up The Possibilities For Functional, Printable Objects Well Beyond The Scope Of Simple Model To Printing Work Flows. A great book for serious 3d printers Goes into depth on important issues such as grain formation and the relation between grain alignment and strength, etc This will remain on my shelf as a serious reference book. My kindle screen broke, so I couldn t keep on it I need it back, this book is too good.