Criminal Volume 4: Bad Night

Criminal Volume 4: Bad NightA Woman In Trouble, Friends On The Run From Cops And Mobsters, And A Secret No One Is Prepared To Face Five Years Ago, Jake Was A Happy Family Man, Long Retired From The Life Of Crime He Grew Up In, And Then The Police Made Him The Prime Suspect In A Horrible Crime And Ripped His Life Apart Now, Years Later, Jake Is Less Than A Shadow Of His Former Self, A Hopeless Insomniac Who Walks The City Streets At Night But One Night, He Walks Into The Wrong Place At The Right Time, And His Whole Life Changes Again Collects Criminal 2 4 7. Episode four in the Criminal series continues the tradition of self contained story arcs, focused on one character at a time, yet somehow interconnected into the larger picture of the dark underbelly of Center City Jacob Kurtz had a brief cameo in one of the earlier issues as a counterfeiter We meet him now as a nighthawk an timorous insomniac plagued by a terrible past that left him first tortured by a local cop, then beaten to a pulp by the kingpin s henchmen after his wife disappeared in suspicious circumstances.When her death is proven to be the result of a car accident, Jacob is offered a job as a cartoonist for a local paper, as compensation from the Hyde family for being crippled for life.Anyway, in the present time, Jacob tries to keep his head low and pours his frustrations into the fictional life of his comic book alter ego, Frank Kafka, Private Eye And when his inner demons keep him from sleeping, Jacob walks the streets of Center City in the wee small hours of the morning You can run but you cannot hide, man Trouble finds Jacob in the end sitting for a coffee in his favorite Blue Fly Diner Trouble in the shape of Iris, a fiery redhead with a punk boyfriend Frank Kafka could have warned Jacob that it s a bad idea to pick up drunk damsels in distress at 3 a.m on a rainy night Jacob s bad night has just started, and his journey into Hell is full of the twists and turns that have earned Brubaker and Phillips two Eisner Awards in a
The last refuge to the insomniac is a sense of superiority to the sleeping world Leonard CohenIn my rereading of this reprinted series, this is my favorite one so far, fabulous crime comics for noir and comics fans Jacob Kurtz cf Kurtz in Heart of Darkness , a former counterfeiter, and insomniac, is a cartoonist whose strip, Frank Kafka, Private Eye, cf Franz Kafka appears in the daily paper, something various criminals read in this series His wife died in a tragic car accident several years ago Most people, including a detective, believed he killed her, and one guy crippled him over that belief When it was clear that he did not kill her, his former father in law, crime kingpin Sebastian Hyde, asks him what he would most want to do and he says comics, an answer that comes back to bite him Sometimes I lie awake at night and wonder, Why me Then a voice answers, Nothing personal, your name just happened to come up Charlie BrownBespectacled Jacob, in an all night cafe, sees Iris, a dancer who
Not too long ago, I wrote a review of Brubaker and Phillips s The Dead and the Dying , gushing that it was my favorite volume in the Criminal series that I ve read Well I ll be damned, here I am saying it again This volume is not only the best Criminal story so far and one of the best graphic novels I ve read to date, but it takes this series to a whole new level, delivering a story of noir so ink black and classic in it s development that Goodis, Brewer, Cain, Keene, and Thompson would all be impressed Bad Night focuses on Jacob Kurtz, the counterfeiter turned cartoonist who was a supporting character in Lawless , a loner and insomniac who s quiet life is upended when he meets a sexy, redheaded lush at a late night diner To say about the plot would spoil the unhinged, fascinating ways that this tale of murder, s
Now this onethis one might be my favorite in the series so far Jacob is a cartoonist who s been through shit I mean, wow But first you start with him just eating at a restaurant one night and BAM this woman gets into a fight with her boyfriend and the owner of the diner knocks the punk out The girl runs and by chance Jacob finds her on the side of the road and takes her home From here on, the story just makes so many twist and turns it s hard not to love it I really don t want to go into too many details but this story basically focuses on one character Jacob yes, the supporting cast get s their time but nobody you feel as close to as Jacob For good and bad By the end, you are in this character s head, and fuck is it scary Good The art is stunning once The tale told here is harrowing and dark as fuck but it
Jake spends his days in a waking coma He walks the streets at night, produces a syndicated comic strip during the day, and grabs sleep when he can It s not a bad life considering he was once accused of murdering his wife, a charge he managed to avoid due to a lack of evidence But Jake isn t entirely innocent While he never did kill his wife, he did at one point run a counterfeit ring in his youth, but those days are long behind him Or so he thought..After witnessing a young couple fighting inside a local diner, Jake takes a shot at an honest to goodness good deed and offers one half of the couple the beautiful and sexy Iris a lift home Fortunately for Jake, the two end up back at his place and after a wild night in bed, he awakes alone However, it isn t long before she returns, this time with her criminal boyfriend, and the two threaten to kill Jake unless he mocks up a fake FBI badge.S
I had a hard time reading this one because it s so steamy that my glasses kept fogging over Jake is the introverted artist writer of a comic strip starring a Dick Tracy kind of character Since he has problems sleeping, he prowls around the city at night Sitting in his favorite diner, Jake witnesses an altercation between a beautiful woman named Iris and her boyfriend When the dust settles, Jake tries to take the drunk Iris home, but ends up having a night of crazy sex with her instead Anyone who has ever read any type of noir story with a femme fatale knows that things are about to get real ugly for Jake.Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips continue to tell a series of hard boiled crime stories that are as good as any I ve read They ve got a knack for taking familiar set ups and twisting them so that the plots veer off wildly from where you think they ll end up The real hook in this one is Iris Many a
Best volume of the series yet Brubaker and Phillips really knock it out of the park with this twisty turvy and just plain twisted gut punch of a story Jacob, the counterfeiter from book 2, is back and stars in this tale of deception, kidnapping, murder an
This really surprised meAnd knocked me for 6 Wow, I really wasn t expecting this story It was like watching fight club for the first, complete head fuck and then wham Unforgettable I just wish I had read it years ago. 9 10 , , Brubaker Phillips Jake, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , . A crippled cartoonist helps out an attractive red head after she has a drunken fight with her boyfriend one night Would that be the end of it Not if this is an Ed Brubaker book The cartoonist winds up in a complex plan involving kidnapping, extortion, murder, betrayal, and madness Bad Night is a twisting story about twisted people double crossing one another to get what they think they want Brubaker s writing is as taut as ever and the plot whirls quickly throughout the book The strength of the Criminal series has always been that each character develops into a deeper person The cartoonist is in fact a minor character from Book 2 but Brubaker has plucked him from a sub plot back then and given him an entire book here It shows the true skill and imagination Brubaker has to do this.Sean Phillips artwork is nothing short of masterful, as always, but his painted covers are gorgeous to behold The man does noir like no other and conveys action