Punks From JOSHUA HALE FIALKOV The Bunker, The Life After, I, Vampire And KODY CHAMBERLAIN SWEETS, The Ride Southern Gothic Comes A Book Unlikely To Become A Blockbuster Movie Much To Their Chagrin.ABE, FIST, SKULL, And DOG Live In A House, Get Into Fights, Murder Gnomes, And Punch Each Other In The Nuts A Lot Vomit Out Loud Comedy Guaranteed Collects PUNKS THE COMIC 1 5, May Be Used To Cure Venereal Diseases Guarantee Void Everywhere Will Not Cure Venereal Diseases Says Who This series was one of my top 10 favorites of 2014, and so I had to have Josh and Kody on the podcast when their first collection of Punks was released Gene and I interviewed these guys the interview will go up on Monday, 4 27 15 and the conversa
Wow, what a complete waste of time Talk about being shitty, this was beyond that. This is essentially the book form of Adult Swim It s all over the place and the exact same style of humor think Robot Chicken, Aqua Teen, etc There is actually some social commentary within this book as well which is always fun.The book is funny, I laughed a few times It never really pulls you in to keep reading though I kept with it because of the format and artwork I really did enjoy the style To be honest, it s also a very or
This collection of comics and puzzles and bow ties and cross stitch patterns is a work of art and genius, and anyone who says otherwise is a craptastic bourgeois poopface who should be punched in the gonads Note the gender inclusive threat and insult Take that, PC police Could be my favourite new comic.Batshit insane in the best way possible.Imagine if the guy who makes the prop ransom notes in Hollywood films dropped acid and made a comic and this is what you d get, and it s glorious.A must read, seriously. Generally, did not appeal to me Two stars because 1 I admired the unorthodox art style and 2 the manga parody in the back made me laugh. I have no words. funny.

[Ebook] ↠ Punks  Author Joshua Hale Fialkov – Rarefishingbooks.co.uk
  • Paperback
  • 160 pages
  • Punks
  • Joshua Hale Fialkov
  • English
  • 11 April 2017
  • 9781632152275