The Killing Kind

The Killing KindAmazing Books, The Killing Kind By Chris Holm This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book The Killing Kind, Essay By Chris Holm Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You This is a great book for any Mystery reader looking for an amazing read.That said, I encourage anyone who likes their stories fast, furious and un put down able to give The Killing Kind a try.The book s plot is the story of a man who becomes a Hit Man going after other Hit Men quite unlike Dexter Mr Holm s has utilized a plausible environment today s world where protagonist Michael a former black ops sniper who was presumed dead after a top secret mission in Afghanistan goes tragically wrong He comes back home and lives off the g
Michael Hendricks has a very particular set of skills, skills he has learned over a short career as a covert ops agent stationed in Afghanistan, skills that make him a nightmare for other hired killers If you pay him now, that will be the end of it You will survive an attempt on your life But if you don t, he will ignore you, they will find you, and they will kill you.Up to now, Hendricks has made himself a very successful career knocking off other hit men Unfortunately for Hendricks, a large crime syndicate dubbed The Council has taken it upon itself to seek out an equally skilled killer, Engelmann, to wipe him off the map Adding fuel to the fire is FBI Special Agent Charlie Thompson Leaving nothing behind no clues, no method of identification, Hendricks has become nothing than a ghost to her for years.The Killing Kind sets a collision course for all three individuals A collision course that leads to a war A war in which all three will do anything to be the last one standing.Chris Holm s The Killing Kind moves like a tank with a Ferrari engine a
Michael Hendricks is a former army vet long presumed dead who now makes a lucrative living from murdering hit men who target seeming innocent men at the bequest of the mob It s a tough gig but Hendricks skills and training have made him perfect for the path he s so violently paved for himself In The Killing Kind, we re introduced to Hendricks and a host of bit characters who fleet in and out of the story sometimes altogether after a backstory and present tense scene which makes it difficult to really connect with any one character, although Charlie, the cop on Hendricks trail grew on me towards the later stages of the book The story is pretty much what you d expect from a thriller hit man novel with plenty of action the casino scene is especially well written and lots of lives thrown away in a hail of bullets What dampens t
I was excited to get this ARC I loved Holm s Collector series, and though this goes into the detective line and away from the fantastical aspects that got me into it, I still love Holm s writing, and I love the concept I don t know if this is meant to become a series or something there s room for it, given the ending, but it would be awkward to put the emotional punch into it The main character is already a ghost, cut off from family and friends there s basically only two people he cares for, and by the end of this book, one of them is dead and the other is going into witness protection where she should, in theory, be safe.Still, if Holm decides to write , I trust him to do it well There s a redemption plot here, after all Hendricks is killing hitmen with the eventual goal of redemption When exactly he might reach that, I don t think the character knows.Anyway, this has slick writing, with just the right levels
Thank you to the Publishers, the author and Net Galley for this great book Let s start off with one fact, this is my favourite type of book, but boy did this add .A killer of a concept, a riveting rollercoaster of an action, with a huge body count that keeps you guessing all the way, who will make it to the end, how many dead bodies My first book by this author, but I also believe one of his first thrillers, as this authors previous work is fantasy books, a no no from me But his move into action thriller is a great success.The central character of The Killing Kind is Hendricks, who doesn t collect the souls he sends to wherever they go but simply bumps off their owners Hendricks is a very particular sort of hitman, focussing exclusively on other hitmen Somehow he s got a line on who the organised crime gangs want killed, and, amazingly, it turns out the intended victims will pay to live.There are Reasons for Hendricks taking up this particular line in crime guilt after surviving when the rest of his US Army unit died, guilt at what they d done before that, a desire to atone but to be honest, for me, that didn t really matter, what matters in this book is the relentless action, Hendricks ingenuity at doing what he
Wow but this one hits the ground running and doesnt let up an intriguing thrill ride of a novel, fast paced, brutal with that touch of insanity that makes a read a breathtaking one.So Michael Hendricks is a skilled killer He has his own moral code and is intensely loyal to the very few people he cares about Engelmann is an equally skilled killer who has been tasked with taking Michael out by crime syndicate The Council Then we have Charlie an FBI special agent for whom Michael has become somewhat of a project.So the scene is set for a desperate struggle to be the winner in a war of violence and the author takes us on a shockingly savage at times yet so addictively readable road to the final solution without giving much room to stop along the way.I liked the way that this was set from several viewpoints, I adored the pure energy of it duelling assassins, blurring moral codes, some intricate pl
The assassin hero is an oddly popular trope in thrillers It runs the gamut from James Bond, Jason Bourne and Gabriel Allon all essentially assassins with ancillary skills to Mitch Rapp and Will Robie government sponsored killers without the spy frosting to various freelancers such as John Rain who use their skills on various sides of the law Typically, we watch our assassin heroes kill people who need killing however that s defined and avoid getting killed themselves, usually by other assassins who work for people who need killing It s quite possible to get lost in this hall of mirrors where the putative good and bad guys are reflections of each other save for their employment contracts The Killing Kind takes this trope to its logical conclusion by giving us Michael Hendricks, an assassin who kills other assassins While this is the usual end state for most of these tales, author Holm cuts through the interim plot points and goes straight for the usual Act 3.Hendricks is a standard thriller trope the patriotic kid with the awful upbringing who discovers his calling in special forces work see Bourne, Jason and, through a series of fairly unlikely circumstances, becomes a killer for hire see Rain, John, et al He finds out when people have pissed off the Council the tropey confederation
The opening scene hits the ground running as we witness a hit on a Miami entrepreneur Within the background of art deco, we can t help but wait for what is to be However, what takes place is a twisted turn of events We are left to digest what s transpired and challenge ourselves on whether there was true vengeance.Michael Hendricks, a former Special Ops agent, is in the business as a killer for hire Through breached mob communications and possessing The Godfather, he goes out of his way to offer his services to those marked and of course for a price tag.He is particular in choosing his clientele on the grounds he deems saving or whether they deserve a second chance, and takes a pass on petty family wars He takes pride that in the three and a half years he d been doing this, he d yet to lose a single client.The Council, which encompasses all the major crime families operating in the U.S., contacts one of their own hired killers, Alexander Engelmann to take care of Hendricks.The title sets the tone of the story for what s to come a hitman who targets other hitmen the hunter becoming the hunted.I m not surprised Hendricks was a military man And although he has managed to be a ghost severing ties to his roots, what connections he does have are near and dear to his heart This is where the wheels turn on the vigilante for hire.A fast paced read for those who enjoy old fashioned crime pulp There are both strong pluses and strong minuses to this book I like it but then it took a long time for it to really draw men into it s story.So, what do we have here We have another disillusioned spec ops soldier He was good at killing but over time lost his ideals as he was asked to handle the kind of jobs that the government would disavow.Then he was killedsort of He happened to be checking out a noise beside the road when an IED took out almost his entire outfit So he decided to stay dead Giving up the woman he loves, giving up his prior life he becomes a hit manexcept he only kills other hit men I don t know if he d kill a hit woman that hasn t come up yet.Oh and he won t do it for free See if you re scheduled to be hit he ll offer to hit the hit man before said hit man hits you For an exorbitant price I mean how much would you pay to not get hit Of course after a while the people hiring the dead hit men becomeconcerned.As noted the book does wake up around the halfway point t
Chris Holm knows how to put together a mighty fine thriller, and with The Killing Kind he s at his frenetic best.While dueling assassins are old hat in the thriller genre, Holm taps into a quick and easy rhythm that will keep readers glued to the page throughout If it weren t for the day job, I could have easily plowed through this book in a day, the pages kept turning so easily In fact, I m not sure that I ve read a game of cat and mouse this engrossing since Thomas Perry s Pursuit than a decade ago.Holm ably crafts his chase story in triangular fashion, with Michal Hendricks, a hitman who targets other hitmen, Engelmann, the hitman hired to locate and kill Hendricks, and the FBI agents trying to drum up any lead they can on the killer ghost that is Hendricks.Hendricks, an ex Special Forces operator, carries around a good amount of emotional baggage and conflictedness over his actions, and although he murders for money he operates by a set of rules and basic morality The sort of do a little bad to do a little good bit Engelmann, on the other hand, is a wonderfully odd duck defined by