A Death in the Lucky Holiday Hotel: Murder, Money, and an Epic Power Struggle in China

A Death in the Lucky Holiday Hotel: Murder, Money, and an Epic Power Struggle in ChinaW 2012 Roku W Chi Skim Mie Cie Chongqing W Jednym Z Pokoj W Hotelu Szcz Liwe Wakacje Znaleziono Cia O Angielskiego Biznesmena Neila Heywooda Ta Zbrodnia, W Kt R Uwik Ana Zosta A Gu Kailai, Ona Bo Xilaia, Prominentnego Cz Onka Partii Komunistycznej, Okaza A Si Wierzcho Kiem G Ry Lodowej, A Intryga Polityczna, Kt R W Ten Spos B Odkryto, Odbi A Si Echem W Kr Gach Najwy Szej W Adzy, Dosi Gaj C Nawet Prezydenta Xi Jinpinga.Oskar Enie Bo Xilaia O Przyjmowanie Ap Wek, Nast Pnie Po Pieszne Skazanie Jego Ony To By Tylko Pierwszy Akt Thrillera Politycznego, Kt Ry M G Wp Yn Na Rozw J Gospodarczy Chin I Kt Ry Obna Y Walk Frakcyjn W Szeregach Chi Skiej W Adzy Walk Przypominaj C Brutaln Mafijn Wojn Mier Brytyjczyka Sta A Si R Wnie Pretekstem Do Prze Wietlenia Cynicznej Gry Prowadzonej Przez Chi Skie W Adze Wobec Zachodnich Medi W, Na Kt R Jak Si Okaza O Te Ostatnie By Y Zupe Nie Nieprzygotowane.Autorzy Uderzenia W Czer Przeprowadzili Dziesi Tki Wywiad W Z Urz Dnikami, Biznesmenami, A Tak E Z Analitykami Politycznymi I Niezale Nymi Dziennikarzami, Kt Rzy Podzielili Si Sw Wiedz Na Temat Sprawy Bo Xilala I Funkcjonowania Komunistycznej Partii Chin Dzi Ki Temu Pin Ho I Wenguang Huang Zerwali Zas On , Za Kt R Od Wielu Lat Swoje Mroczne Rozgrywki Skrywali Kieruj Cy Jedn Z Najwi Kszych Gospodarek Wiata.Opis Ze Strony Wyd Czarne The downfall of Bo Xilai in China was than a darkly thrilling mystery It revealed a cataclysmic internal power struggle between Communist Party factions, one that reached all the way to China s new president Xi Jinping.The scandalous story of the corruption of the Bo Xilai family the murder of British businessman Neil Heywood Bo s secret lovers the secret maneuverings of Bo s supporters the hasty trial and sentencing of Gu Kailai, Bo s wife was just the first rumble of a seismic power struggle that continues to rock the very foundation of China s all powerful Communist Party By the time it is over, the machinations in Beijing and throughout the country that began with Bo s fall could affect China s economic development and disrupt the world s political and economic order.Pin Ho and Wenguang Huang have pieced together the details of this fascinating political drama from firsthand reporting and an unrivaled array of sources, some very high in the Chinese government This was the first scandal in China to play out in the international media detail
This is a brisk and exciting summary of the sensational case of the fall of Bo Xilai, a prominent politician in the People s Republic of China The very short version of the story involves a poisoned British businessman, Mr Neil Heywood, corruption on the scale of tens of millions of dollars, public trials where the outcome was already known, and swaggering police chiefs begging for American protection This is the stuff of Robert Penn Warren s dreams.Such a case is fascinating for multiple reasons First, there is the nature of elite power politics in the PRC Although it is easy and often correct to portray the top reaches politburo as a series of identical bureaucrats, factional struggles are bitter, and the succession of leadership must be very tightly managed Deng Xiaoping chose not only his first successor Jiang Zemin , but left advice for the man after as well.The successor must appear to have absolute confidence, and any similarities or connections between them and an unsightly figure must be purged immediately.Second, there is the art of political personality and censorship Wang Lijun, Bo s chief of police and a man with a penchant for writ
Not masterfully written, but excellent reporting lots of stuff I just haven t seen anywhere else I ve been fascinated by the tale of Neil Heywood s murder, and subsequent undoing of Bo Xilai, ever since the first news reports started to trickle out Was he poisoned by Bo Xilai s wife yeah probably Was it a frame up to take down Bo that too The guy didn t lack for enemies But we re talking about someone who almost made it onto the Politburo Standing Committee These are the 7 guys who run China How could someone that high up get taken down Surely he had connections to save him The whole story is redolent of palace intrigue China s had these kind of struggles since time began It s frustrating though, really highlights how corrupt the one party system has become It s rotten to the core Would be frustrating to be a journalist in China It s left to the foreign press to explain how for example Wen Jiabao s family members have enriched themselves to the tune of 2.7 billion BILLION while he s been running the show Not a story you re going to read on Xinhua.The other thing I found entertaining about this book was how they constantly use ancient Chinese proverbs to illustrate points two tigers cannot coexist on one mountain hitting the mountain to scare the tigers when an enlightened one dies, even his pets go to heaven etc etc There must
From BBC Radio 4 The story of the mysterious murder which changed the course of Chinese politics Carrie Gracie investigates the killing of a British man, Neil Heywood, in Chongqing in 2011, and explores his links to China s up and coming power couple China is gripped by a lur
Brilliantly sharp, insightful analysis and the story itself reads like a larger than life fiction. An excerpt from my review, on the Brown Political Review On September 22, a political dynasty fell Following a highly publicized corruption trial, former Chinese politburo member Bo Xilai had his assets stripped and was sentenced to death His predicament gained global attention, providing a rare look into the tumultuous world of Chinese politics and the unsavory current running beneath the nation s meteoric growth Although Bo s political dynasty was only recently wiped from Party rosters, his downfall really began in 2011, when a Bo family prot g and British citizen, Neil Heywood, was found dead in a Chongqing resort This is where authors Pin Ho and WenGuang Huang begin A Death in the Lucky Holiday Hotel, a minutely research work which combines investigative journalism with Chinese culture and the country s chaotic history to explain the condition of the Chinese state Und
A fascinating and informative book I enjoy books about contemporary politics with an insider perspective from many countries, and this one gives interesting insight into the political climate in China I do feel that the authors could have supported their main assertions in some ways Their case about Bo s ultimate political motivations was less than convincing, in my opinion I also felt that this book would benefit from an afterward since Bo s trial has since taken place For readers who don t know the outcome, this would have been a valuable addition It was as if the rush to bring this book to press resulted in leaving out the climax of the entire event The editing also left something to be desired with some print errors that were confusing Still, the book does
Read my full review rating 4 Stars, but damn near 5 My opinion When this book first started off, I thought I would be reading a true crime novel Instead what I got was a history of the Communist party in China Thenit got really, really interesting What the authors started to unravel was a deep seated corruption and misbehaving abound By the time they got to the murder, I was so deeply entrenched in the corruption of the Chinese Communist Party that I was like Go back, Go back and the murder was almost an afterthought.I found this a slower read for me because of trying to keep the names s
Two Chinese journalists have chronicled the rise and fall of Bo Xiliai, a high level official in the Communist party His maneuvering to gain power and ruthless use of people around him and greed led to his downfall partially by the betrayal of his police chief and the murder of an Englishman Heywood at the Lucky Holida
The book is a true story in China that brought turmoil to the political regime at the centre An innocuous death of a British gentleman in a hotel room in an lesser known town of China brought the downfall of several powerful Chinese government officials The story is gory It showcases the malleable law enforcement that is used at will by politicians to bring down their enemies The book also displays the pliability of p

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