Han Solo at Stars' End

Han Solo at Stars' End Han Solo Trusts No One So When The Authority Demands That The Millennium Falcon Be Brought In For Inspection, Han Knows He Has To Prepare For Ulterior Motives And When The Best Illegal Ship Rebuilder In The Galaxy Disappears, Han And Chewbacca Must Find Him After All, The Falcon S Overhaul Will Require Very Special Talents.Their Search Pits Them Against Powerful And Ruthless Enemies Out To Destroy Them, And Leads The Loyal Pair Through A Dramatic Series Of Twists And Turns It Takes Them To An Authority Data Center On Orron III, And Even To The Uncharted, Airless Speck Of Desolate Asteroid That Is The Authority Prison Planet Known As Stars End AC Crispin does herself no favours in my estimation in Han Solo Rebel Dawn Her books were just fine up until Interlude One, where she suddenly offers up a shitty encapsulation of Brian Daley s Han Solo at Star s End.I am not sure why she couldn t simply have finished her story before the Star s End adventure happened but I haven t finished her book either I paused my reading so that I could read Daley s book, so I will return to her book tonight , but since I had the Daley books handy, she nudged me into reading the source of the interlude, and it would have been better for Crispin s Han Solo if I hadn t been diverted See my Han Solo love runs deep It burst out fully formed in 1977 when I watched him blow away Greedo, then nonchalnatly toss a credit to the barkeep, saying, Sorry about the mess My Han Solo was a genuine criminal A drug running, pragmatic, mercenary S.O.B., whose only redeeming qualities were charm, skill and loyalty And it was the latter which would lead him into becoming the only Star Wars character with a genuine arc Come Empire Strikes Back, Han Solo found himself sucked into the Rebellion with a burgeoning love for Leia and a feeling of responsibility for Luke Once there his other natural gifts flourished, and he began to change in a logical, believable way He slowly became a good man Unfortunately, much of that was undermined in Return of the Jedi when Solo began to make decisions that made no sense at all like giving Lando,
I read these books in an effort to get hyped for the release of Solo, this than any other book was the one I wanted to read A Han Solo novel written when only A New Hope existed,even though I read many many years ago It is cool because when author Brian Daley wrote this he had no rich canon or universe to rely on He just had this one movie and the Han Solo in that movie was the one who shot first and tipped the bartender for cleaning up Greedio s corpse I read this book the week before seeing Solo.The rest of the efforts to write Han Solo in movies, books and comic were writing about General Solo In the light of the character who rightly was changed by seeing the sacrifice of Luke and Leia It makes sense that Han Solo is a changed person Solo as a movie rightly writes a character who is the foundation of both those sides of the character we know now, what makes this book special is the author Brian Daley had only the super rogue Han solo to go off of.Han and Chewie are a little simple in this book but it doesn t suffer for it AC Crispin who was a excellent tie in writer did books that address the wider EU and I like both series in different ways I like the artifact nature of the sorta out of date Star wars book In this book Han is not afraid to get his hands dirty, a lot of attention is paid to the operation of the Falcon I got the feeling that the Falcon in this book wa
I ll address the series first, then this book.This series is probably the most enjoyable of the pre EU era anything released before the Thrawn series If you read the Han Solo Trilogy by A.C Crispin, you ll find a kinder, gentler Han Solo, plus realistic technology that matches the EU feel If you jump in to this series which Crispin places chronologically a few chapters into Rebel Dawn , it might be a little bit of a shock The way the Falcon is run in this series makes it seem realistic, how real life pilots or naval officers would manage a starship like the Millennium Falcon The pre flight checks should realistically take quite a long time It s not like starting up your Honda and cruising on down the road the Millennium Falcon is basically a cross between a warplane and a battleship, and Daley seems to set those expectations better.This Han Solo is also harsh and abrasive than the one seen in the Crispin books here he is very clear that he s only looking out for number one, and he means it from chapter 1 on Crispin tries to set it up so that we understand why Daley s Solo is so different, but it doesn t jive properly This is a different Han Solo, and I think I like this o
When a book is under 200 pages, there really isn t a whole lot to say without giving away most of the plot fairly quickly Suffice it to say that Han Solo at Stars End, while not about to win any prizes or anything, was a really fun book to read Brian Daley throws his reader directly into the action and except for a brief pause now and then it s a frenetic pace from one harrowing situation to the next with our hero Han Solo and his trusty companion Chewbacca the Wookie This is a great side story from the old days of the Star Wars galaxy before the gaps were all filled in by episodes I III, heck before the Empire Struck Back or there was a Return of a Jedi, the Clone Wars were just an event from the past that were referred to from time to time, but not really understood by the fan reader viewer That s part of what made this story so fun It took me back to a time when Star Wars was just Star Wars, not Episo
This is a book I read a number of times when I was growing up As one of the first additional Star Wars novels ever published, it fed my adolescent need for stories featuring my favorite characters from the original trilogy, Han Solo and Chewbacca So how does this book hold up as I re read it in middle age Not bad, actually Brian Daley had to write his Han Solo stories outside of the traditional Star Wars universe, so he moves the characters to a wing of the galaxy where another brutal military regime, the Corporate Sector Authority, rules with an iron fist The idea that another group with considerable power might be ruling hundreds of planetary systems while being ignored by the presumably larger Galactic Empire may feel incongruent with later Star Wars stories, but Daley really had no choice Writing before Episode V had been released, he had to go far enough away in time Solo s past and place another sector of the galaxy to not mess with the yet to be completed canon Except for a very brief mention of the Clone Wars, the story is a complete stand alone But the book itself is a fine action adventure story, taking place on a number of inventive worlds with some surprisingly vivid auxiliary characters, especially the slow talking robot Bollux and his brain companion, Blue Max.But what really makes the novel work is the way Daley handles the Solo character The author seems to have understood that what people loved about Han Solo
Still a fun read after all of these years but different than the Post Expanded Universe books because it s mostly disconnected from the rest of the Star Wars Universe Written at a time when Lucas was experimenting with his brand but didn t want anything written that would force his hand on the movies, etc., it takes Solo and Chewbacca off to a distant place far removed from The Empire, Jabba the Hutt and While it does examine their pre Luke Skywalker life, it makes no references to anything familiar other than the two characters and their beloved ship, making it markedly different than most other Star Wars tie ins Still, the character do feel like those we grew to love on screen and they do have fun banter and action adventures Daley wisely throws in some alien races and droids without them seeming too close to the beloved ones from the films either And the books are
More like 3.5 stars Pros and cons of the novel Pros1 Very effective storytelling2 Action packed has that Star Wars vibe.3 Every scene and character has a necessary role little to no unexplained situations or plot holes 4 The writing style is uniquely vivid Can smoothly communicate characters perspectives.Cons1 Occasionally wasn t engaging2 Though it seems minor, a mistake in one of the chapter s names is very confusing and plain weird Maybe it s just the edition of the book, but that still threw me off.At first, I was like, Well, this is good Not a favorite, but good The beginning of the story isn t boring It s just that despite the amazing writing style and its cool, action packed elements, occasionally it wasn t very engaging That made me believe that I was going to rate it just 3 stars until I started advancing through the story The middle is honestly the best part, because this is where Daley s writing shines His visual descriptions are so amazing, it lights up your imagination Plus, the action packed elements are still there, and the story definitely gets e
After having just read Splinter of the Mind s Eye, this was a breath of fresh air Loads of fun, action packed and Han Solo even admits he s the kind of guy who likes to SHOOT FIRST and ask questions later Unfortunately, it bo
It really rates 3.5 stars but Goodreads doesn t believe in half stars apparently It s fun, it s pulp, it s briskly written Brian Daley was a gem, and he had a great grasp of why the audience loved Han Solo. I just love the cover on this one I have the 1981 version and it is so vintage anime esque Hey, I happen to LIKE to shoot first Han Solo.This book is fun, rompy, 80 s, and has some great action set pieces I d love to see this made as an animated movie The writing is a little bit amateur, but the characterizations are correct and the
This book was flat out awful I m a bit neurotic in that once I start a book I won t pick up another until I finish the one I started, no matter how bad it gets, and I don t even have the words to tell you how bad this one was Granted, I don t have the time to read as much as I would like, but if this was able to hold my interest at all it wouldn t have taken than a few days to get through As it turns out it took over 3 months That s less than 20 pages a week I was able to force my way through, and every second of it was torture Oddly enough, it started out with some promise, but deteriorated precipitously and completely The author s writing style wasn t bad, aside from the main baddie, who was written in an extremely juvenile manner, the characterizations were ok, and the world was typical Star Wars But the plot was horrific I m not sure why, but I couldn t bring myself to care even the slightest in how the story resolved itself The big moment of tension in the story was a contrived gladiator style combat between 2 droids C mon man Not only is it next to impossible to care about what happens to a robot, it s also completely irrelevant since they can be rebuilt as often as needed Honestly, I m trying to write this only a couple days after finishing the book, and I m finding that it made such a small impression on me that I really can t remember much of anything specific other than it being dreadfu
I ll admit this book and its two successors have sat on my shelf surrounded by skepticism for a long time They were yard sale finds I think that were really cheap, vintage curiosities at first After having read some of the better Expanded Universe novels, it seemed dubious to me that these very old school novels would hold up or be an enjoyable, believable readAs if there was a worse cliche to use on this site don t judge a book by its cover Additionally, don t take a book like this too seriouslyThis was a surprisingly fun, believable read, particularly given that the author only had the character development from the original Star Wars to go on Although there was far character nuance, depth and development in that movie alone than the entire prequel disasters, that is another review for another time Yes, there are plot points that seem like a retooling of A New Hope, but I would also assume that Lucas kept the author on a short leash, knowing there would be future movie installments, so I can look past that and enjoy it nonetheless It was an interesting choice, whether or not dictated by Lucas, to use very little reference to the Empire, the Jedi, etc., and yet,
This story , I ve read was written right after Star Wars came out and before Empire Strikes back So it doesn t have knowledge of everything that happens, although I would think anyone who watched Star Wars knew Han and Leia would end up together, or maybe that s just me.Anyway, this is the story of one of Han and Chewbacca s adventure
Me star wars geekhan solo the best character in star wars, and the first male role model i had that wasnt immediate family.i remember being little and my babysitter had these books and i so wanted to read them and when i finally did i was very glad i have original hard covers of these books and i love to read them from time to time.they are not really star wars, it seems to me that the author had some sci fi stories that werent really going to sell, and he added han solo and chewbacca to the mix to make it interesting it doesnt take place in the Empire, thats the first difference its in a place that is run by something like the trade federation in phantom menace the compa
Han Solo at Stars End was originally published in 1979 and was the second Star Wars spin off novel, after Alan Dean Foster s Splinter of the Mind s Eye released the year before Whereas Foster s novel focused on Luke, Leia, Threepio and Artoo and was a direct continuation of events from Lucas film, Stars End is a completely separate story with no direct links to that first film, save for the characters of Han and Chewie and, of course, the Millennium Falcon There are no Jedi, or the Empire, and no talk of The Force Instead we have a bunch of new characters, including two new droids Blue Max and Bollux and if, like me, you re British, that last character name may cause some inadvertent juvenile sniggering on a mission to release political prisoners from the Corporate Sector Authority Yes, this is a pretty standard men aliens on a mission prison break story, yet Daley invests it with enough colour and gusto to make it very engaging This is rapscallion Han, the cock sure pirate we first met on screen in that Tatooine Cantina, who s only loyalties like with himself, his ship and co pilot he very much shoots first here, and is all the better for it If Daley s prose does occasionally groan under too much clunky sci fi jargon, he nonetheless paints some vivid alien worlds, crafts several great action scenes with a high body count and, in Bollux at least, creates a new character that I d like to have seen on

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