Let Them Eat Cake

Let Them Eat Cake In Today S Allergy Prone And Health Obsessed World, There Are Times When The Refined Sugar, Eggs, Wheat, Or Butter In Our Favorite Treats Just Won T Cut It Let Them Eat Cake Includes 80 Plus Classic Recipes In All Their Extravagant Glory, As Well As The Secrets To Making Three Alternative Versions Of Each One Healthy, Gluten Free, And Vegan From A Fudgy Chocolate Bundt And Maple Madeleines To Meyer Lemon Mile High Pie And Banana Split Ice Cream, This Collection Of Cookies, Muffins, Brownies, Pies, And Cakes Proves That, No Matter Your Preferences, You Can Always Have Your Cake And Eat It, Too. If this cookbook were an animal, it d be a platypus Male platypuses have venomous spurs on their hind feet Did you know that But they only produce venom during breeding season, which is between June and October Their venom isn t lethal to humans, but its effects have been described as excruciatingly painful This cookbook isn t venomous, and instead of excruciatingly painful, it s actually quite delightful The author s funny, able to admit when she s made a mistake, and is capable of pointing out the problems of palm oil in a non confrontational way The book, though, is like if you started out with a beaver, and then someone was like, oh, but what if I can t do buck teeth And someone else was like, my daughter only likes animals with duckbills And then suddenly it s laying eggs and has venomous spurs on his heels.BECAUSE I swear this made sense when I started out this book takes a standard, traditional muffin, quick bread, cake, pie, tart, or cookie recipe, and THEN it gives you a vegan variation, a gluten free variation, and a healthier variation, which in this case means a version with a lower glycemic index and fiber and nutrients So, like, grap
From the main title I was expecting it to be heavy on cake recipes and really there were very few, but it does give a nice variety of desserts I m a purist when it comes to desserts, I d rather eat less of the real thing than loads of a healthy imitation, and happily I suffer from no food allergies aside from Strawberries but si
I saw this in the library and checked in out in ebook form specifically for the peanut butter cookies recipe From the title, I expected the focus to b on cakes, but it s pretty evenly split amoung cookies, pies, cakes, and pastries The book does a lot of things right from a format standpoint The table of contents includes every recipe with links that take you directly to that recipe No tapping through for half an hour trying to remember where that one recipe was that looked interesting I m not sure why they didn t follow through with the index rather than just doing a search word index Search words are pretty much useless with ebooks It s not that much harder to provide links As for graphics and layout, the book is colorful and generous with terrific photos Most of the pictures are of finished desserts, but there are a couple of recipes where step by step assembly photos were both well utilized and probably necessary Font size and contrast is good, and the recipes are laid out well enough that you can set a tablet on the counter and still follow directions Personally, I prefer recipe steps to be numbered because it s easier to cook from and not lose one s place, but bullets a
This cookbook doesn t even bother with boring bread and muffins it s all dessert It s also not strictly a gluten free cookbook Rather, it offers gluten free variations as well as vegan and healthy ones.l admit it I went straight to the Pop tarts And I wondered would the author offer me an actual alternate gluten free recipe, or just tell me to substitute a GF blend Because I could do that with any cookbook As it turns out, the recipe does provide a reasonable looking sorghum brown rice flour blend with potato starch and tapioca, although the resulting dough is noted as delicate to work with Some of the other recipes, like the brownie variations, had a much sketchier flour substitution cornstarch.I found the cookbook hard to browse although it was in color, most of the color was dedicated to c
I was interested in this book for the vegan recipes It hurts my heart to give it 2 stars, especially since the color photos are gorgeous and the desserts look tempting Not a problem The recipes are complicated, but fancy dessert recipes often are Not a problem The book gives complex step by step directions Problem To convert a recipe to the vegan version you must refer to a shaded box, with an 8 point font on a different page than the page with the complex directions Actually using the recipe requires repeatedly flipping back and forth between the main page of ingredients, the page with the vegan variations and the page that lists the preparation steps that apply to using those vegan substitute ingr
Loved that this book provides so many flexible options on how to make these yummy desserts And it s written by an experienced pastry chef in dealing with all sorts of accommodations with her clients, from allergies to
Great cookbook But then again, I love baking way too much I think it s brilliant how she has the traditional master recipe with variations for GF and vegan noted underneath In the GF recipes, the flour mixtures weren t complicated I made the GF version of t
The desserts looked good But I was surprised that most recipes I wanted where not vegan. Sure she had the vegan substitutes after recipe but a lot didn t have vegan. All ice cream was not vegan. Which I need b c im allergic to all dairy, wheat,corn,soy and eggs Hence why I look for Gf vegan baking A
A books of desserts with vegan options Yay We loved the Chippy Chocolate Cookies and Peanutbutter Toga Cookies I liked having substitutions explained I liked that the recipes were not too weird, time consuming, or complicated I will definitely come back to this book for a sweet tooth fix. I want to cook of these recipces