The Emperor, His Bride and the Dragon Robe

The Emperor, His Bride and the Dragon Robe The Emperor, His Bride And The Dragon Robe Is A Wonderful Fairy Tale Set In Ancient China It Tells The Story Of A Brave Young Emperor And Two Beautiful Young Women, Who Are Suddenly Thrust The Incredible, Once In A Life Time Opportunity Of Marrying The Emperor And Becoming The Next Empress Of China Their Journeys Take Them From Their Humble Homes To The Grand Palace Where Their Lives Are Forever Changed For The Better, And, At Times, Even For The Worse As The Competition To Win The Emperor S Heart Intensifies The Young Women Meet Their Unexpected Challenges In Very Different Ways But Their Struggle Is The Depiction Of The Fight Between Good And Evil The Author Was Inspired By Her Two Sons, Who Were Born In China, To Write The Story She Also Credits Writing The Book To Having Lived In China For Many Years And Being Warmly Embraced By The Chinese People Who Have Willingly Shared Their Rich Culture With Her The Emperor, His Bride And The Dragon Robe Limited Print Edition Was Launched At Expo 2010 Shanghai, The Largest World Expo Ever In 2013, English And Chinese Copies Were Presented As State Gifts To The President Of China By The Prime Minister Of Trinidad And Tobago. I received this book free from Netgalley, in exchange for my honest review 4.5 StarsI am stunned The art work in this book is breathtaking beautiful bright colors, clean lines, and vivid detail When I first started reading, well I didn t, before I my eyes could see the worlds I was drawn to the magnificent art It took me a few minutes to take my eyes away and read the story What a lovely story it was This is a perfect bed time story, for boys or girls It has the bright princess element as well as some dark fighting to keep the little guys entertained The writing flowed smoothly and had a soft of, rhythm, to it One that if read just right, in the right soft tone, will have you falling asleep into beautiful dreams of dragons and magic I loved how this book focus is on kindness, and that beauty is only skin deep Kindness, honesty, and sincerity is what makes the different in what is true beauty and what is simply
I ve always loved fairy tales and mythology so this title plus its cover called to me I immediately requested it and was pleased when the publisher approved my request The artwork in this story is just gorgeous There s not a lot of detail but what there is complements the text nicely The color and shading had a watercolor feel yet also reminded me at times of Impressionism I could sit and just look at the pictures In fact, I did so in my classroom at rest time class of 4 and 5 year olds and one of my 4 year old boys loved the pictures, kept saying they were beautiful He also had questions about some of the pictures and was excited to see dragons in some of the pictures We didn t have a chance to read the text.Later, at home, I read the text It s definitely not for preschoolers, but appropriate for 7 or 8 years on up The length and subject matter would likely bore most younger children It s a love story with treachery and morals and a bit of action mixed in It s pretty heavy on morals, it could have used a lighter touch and there were a fair number of typos and wrong words The story is original and not a retelling but has the feel of an old fas
The Emperor, His Bride and The Dragon Robe by Lisa Sankar Zhu is a fairytale sent in ancient China I don t think it s authentic, but that doesn t make it any less enchanting.When a young emperor comes to power, he is given a robe covered in dragons that seem to come to life and come to his aid Sometime after this, he decides he needs an empress He chooses two women, one from the East and one from the West of China They are both outwardly beautiful, but one of them is quite a bit less lovely on the inside It all comes down to a confrontation that leads to an epic fight.It s a great read aloud story and the illustrations are just fabulous The dragon robe gets introduced early and seems important, but then takes a backseat for awhile The lessons of kindness and true beauty are loud and strong and readers will be cheering for the right future empress to win
A beautifully illustrated fairytale set in ancient China, delightfully told As in such classic stories it concerns the battle between good and evil, in this case complete with a handsome Emperor, two potential wives, one of whom is very wicked, an evil sorcerer and a magical dragon It tells the story of how the Emperor chose his wife and such tasks are never simple when there are evil plots interfering, trying to gain power to the detriment of everyone else.I really enjoyed this great story, the superb illustrations and their presentation in this fantastic book I have no hesitation in highly recommending it Whilst this is a lovely story to share with your own child, I highly recommend this book to primary teachers, too It could also easily be used in schools for a wide variety of purposes ranging from studying fairy tales from other countries, to RE, PSHE and citizenship discussions and being inspirational for Art and Drama Thanks to the author, publishers and NetGalley, too,
This was a beautiful, enchanting fairytale from ancient China It is a classic story of good vs evil and the power of love and honesty There are all the staples of a fairytale A handsome Emperor, beautiful women, an evi
To be honest, this story is too good to be true It does take a gentle and wise young emperror to give his people an empress with a true beauty We reap what we sow.As Professor Mei Zihan a writer for children literature and a lecturer in Shanghai Normal University said, a true beauty is reflected in kindness, innocence, compassion and humanness There is no young emperor who is good looking enough to see it, even just for a simple flicker.But this young emperor was different, he has a gentle heart than can lead him to be wise facing any moments in his kingdom Though I still don t get why the King chose him to be the next emperor he was the youngest , his youngest son has proven to us that he is worth of loyalty.After the young emperor found out that one of his two empress candidates was too cunning and sly, he decided to prove it Because as a good king, he had to find unbiased proofs Even when the unchosen woman pleaded to him that she would change to be chosen by the emperor, he said this calmly I hope you will change Not so that I would accept you as my bride And, not so that you could become ampress It s too late for that anyway You should change because it is becoming for us all to be good.Doesn t he sound perfect Too perfect, actually.P.S This chinese story was written by a
The Emperor, His Bride and the Dragon Robe by Lisa Sankar Zhu is a wonderful fairy tale set in ancient China It is the story of a honorable emperor and the two beautiful women that hope to be his bride One is greedy and resorts to trickery in her attempts, while the other is kind and gracious even when it is detrimental to her cause There are unexpected challenges and a grand battle to determine the outcome.The Emperor, His Bride and the Dragon Robe is a fairy tale that feels just like the classic tales from ancient China The theme is heavy in the tradition of honor and kindness, perfectly executed and illustrated to continue the tone and feel The challenges of the potential brides flowed well, and the outcome was expected because good should always win in a fairy tale but the climactic battle was interesting and added an extra oomph to the tale I really enjoyed the illustrations and story The Emperor, His Bri
Given To Me For An Honest ReviewThe Emperor, His Bride and the Dragon Robe by Lisa Sankar Zhu is a book with great lessons to learn honesty, kindness and inner beauty This book has stunning, beautiful illustrations, beautiful women, splendid dresses, fierce dragons, evil sorcerers, magic spells, martial arts and a handsome Emperor It would be a good read aloud for lower elementary grades and a read alone up to middle schoolers The new Emperor wants a beautiful wife So the search begins Two women are chosen for him to choose from One is beautiful but evil The other one is not so beautiful but she is so pure and beautiful inside A lot of things begin to happen I gave this book 5 stars but it deserves many This book would make a great gift and would look good on your child s bookshelf or on any library s bookshelf I recommend this book to everyone especially anyone who has children, is a grandparent or is a teacher
The emperor is dying His youngest son has been chosen to be the emperor His father gives him a special gift which will aid him when he needs help What is the gift As time passes, the new emperor decides he needs to marry He sends his staff out to find the two most beautiful women They return with two beautiful women At first the emperor pays the women little attention When he meets them for the first time he is immediately attracted to one of them Due to the jealousy of the other, she calls her wizard How does she do this What does she want the wizard to do The emperor has trouble deciding on a bride so he tests them Why does he have trouble deciding What test does he do Will he be able to choose the right woman to rule by his side The fairy tale is set in ancient China The tale flows throughout the book and keeps your interest The illustrations add to the tale with beautiful colors and drawing
The best part about this little book is the gorgeous illustrations The fairy tale itself was good and has a nice little lesson about how outward appearance does not necessarily reflect inward character, as well as one on how even if one is ugly, good actions will make one beautiful, which I thought a very good message to have.But the illustrations just are what make this book There s one on every page and they are spread top to bottom and are visually stunning The only negative is that this book is only available as an e book, which means that you have to admire the pictures from a screen rather than hold the book in your hands and take it in that way note There may indeed be a print copy but it apparently had a limited release and so the chances of getting one are slim.Overall, The Emperor, His Bri