Knock Knock (Anxiety: Smoke and Mirrors #1)

Knock Knock (Anxiety: Smoke and Mirrors #1) Author Note It Seems With Each Year It Gets Difficult To Find That Time To Read A Book Because Of How Hectic Life Gets, So On That Thought, I Decided To Break Up Anxiety Into 6 Quick Episodes Which Can Be Read While Waiting In Line Or At A Doctor Or Dentist S Office Each Episode Will Be Released In 2 Week Intervals Author Warning This Episode Ends With A Cliffhanger I Hope You Enjoy Jake And Margot S Story I Sure Enjoyed Writing It The Anxiety Series Was Previously Published In 2011 As The Single Title Book Shrouded In Darkness Jake Preston Is On Borrowed Time If He Doesn T Stumble Upon A Miracle And Soon, He Ll End Up Dead And Even If He Does, He Still Might End Up Dead With A Clever Killer Hounding His Heels He Believes That The One Miracle And Antidote To Save Him Is In Margot Davenport S House, Across The Country And Miles Away From Boston Somewhere Locked In Her Home Is The Key To Reversing An Experiment That Is Killing Him With Each Breath He Takes Margot Doesn T Particularly Care If She Ends Up Dead She S Lost Everything She S Ever Cared For A Divorce And The Loss Of Her Job As A Corporate Lawyer Has Left Her With Little Faith In Herself Or In Anyone Else Most Importantly, She S Lost The One Person On This Earth She S Looked Up To And Cherished Her Brother, Johnny His Death In A Car Accident Has Devastated Her, And She Can T Find The Willpower To Pull Herself From The Chasm She S Fallen Into Her Only Solace Is At The Bottom Of A Wineglass Having Moved Back To The Small Town In Northern Arizona Where She Was Raised, She S Made A Point Of Isolating Herself Both Mentally And Physically From Everyone Other Than A Few Chosen Friends Little Does She Know That Her Life Is Going To Explode Into Chaos Reviews My Applause To The Author On An Entertaining Read Romance Novel Junkies Author H.D Thomson Does A Great Job Of Keeping The Reader Guessing Paranormal Romance Party Bravo H D Thomson Writer S And Reader S Of Distinct Fiction S Top Read Thomson S Writing Is Spot On Confessions Of A Bibliophile. There s something going on that makes this story entertaining From the first page, you get the feeling that something s about to happen, unsure it it s good or bad There s so much loss in Margot s life has been thrown a curveball divorce, d
Wow, I loved reading this book It does end on a cliffhanger as this is part one I was sucked in and in for the long haul on this one as soon as I picked it up The story line is simply amazing, it is full of twists and turns that leave you thinking that you have no clue what is coming next I really liked the characters Margot and Jake in this story as well Margot has been through so much, the woman needs to catch a break
I really enjoyed reading this novel written by H.D Thomson also the author of Shades of Holly included in Romancing Christmas 10 Love Stories To Spice Up The Holidays Review This book is well written and it really pulls yo
This book is episode 1 This is a great beginning to the series The chemistry between Margot and Jake is undeniable There is lots of suspense and possibly a paranormal element This ends on a major cliffhanger but that just means onto the next episode. So soShort story left too many cliffhangers A few misspelling, grammar errors Also a Calico cat is always female unlike how Marmaduke, her calico was referenced as a male.