Jakes Weird Ear

Jakes Weird Ear Jake Is Just An Ordinary Boy Looking Forward To An Evening At The Fair A Mix Of Rainbow Colours Fills The Sky As He Follows Small Groups Of Children And Families, All Looking Forward To A Fun Filled Evening He Is Now Eleven Years Old And Has Grown Two Inches Over The Past Twelve Months A Significant Fact In Itself He Is Now Tall Enough, And Old Enough To Shoot Rifles At The Funfair, Without His Mum Having To Watch Over Him That Was All He Wants To Win A Few Prizes Against His Mate, Joe Unfortunately For Jake, Joe Was A Crack Shot That Makes Jake Even Determined To Win A Prize However, His Plans Goes Horribly Awry When Joe Is Delayed.So What Happened A Coincidence, An Accident Or An Experiment Could It Be A Mix Of The Three Jake Finds Himself Somewhere He Has Never Been To, Or Even Heard Of, Before How Does He Know Amongst Other Clues, He Tries To Call Joe, But His Phone Acts Up How Can He Choose From Three Mobile Network Selections He Had Never Heard Of As Jake S Adventure Gets Underway, One Thing Is Certain, There Is Nothing Like This Place On Earth Then He Realises Something Sinister Is Happening And He Is In The Thick Of It Who Are The Grimwatchers And Why Are They After Him Further, Can Jake Get Home Safely And Will He Ever Be Normal Again This Book Is An Imaginative, Twisting, Turning Tale Of A Quest For Technology And Change, With Strange Places And Odd Creatures Superbly Illustrated, It S A Great Book For Boys And Girls Of The 9 12 Age Range Alike. Excellent Book Interesting and innovative storyline,with some very interesting characters.Also some fantastic Illustrations. great book suitable for pre teens just that little bit different and a page turner I don t know when book 2 is coming out, but I hope it s soon